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Posted Jan 28, 2023

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If you find yourself wondering where to watch the 2016 comedy "Bad Moms", you've come to the right place. Bad Moms tells the story of a trio of overworked and underappreciated moms who decide to rebel against impossible expectations and cut themselves (and their kids) some slack - with wild and hilarious results. You can watch this delightful movie on a variety of streaming platforms, making it one of the most accessible movies to watch.

To start, viewers can rent or purchase Bad Moms on Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Apple TV, Vudu, Microsoft Store and FandangoNOW. The cost per rental varies by platform but generally ranges between $3.99 and $5.99 - so a great deal! If you'd rather own then you can purchase digital copies of Bad Moms from Google Play, Apple TV or Vudu (HD only) for around $13-15 depending on the platform you choose. All above streaming services easily link with your existing accounts including PayPal, Google Pay or any other accepted credit card payment options.

Those without access to digital rental platforms will be happy to find that the movie is available via cable systems throughout most countries meaning that instead of streaming, you can rent or purchase physical copies like DVD's or Blu-ray's at your local DVD store or through well known merchants like Walmart and Best Buy for less than $19 for a Blu-ray copy - or as low as $15 for a DVD copy.

Bonus tip: You may want to check out Netflix too - Bad Moms is available as part of their subscription service so if you already have Netflix this option is free!

No matter what method you opt for in order to watch this uplifting movie filled with laughs, there’s bound to be an option that works best for your current lifestyle and budget. So pick up some popcorn and settle in - it's time to enjoy an evening as a (bad) mom!

Where can I watch Trolls World Tour?

If you are wondering where to watch the beautiful, light-hearted movie 'Trolls World Tour’, your search ends here! Although this movie was released during the COVID-19 pandemic (and thus, was not screened in cinemas as it usually would have been), there are nevertheless plenty of options to watch this feel-good adventure online.

Firstly, the movie is available on top streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Sky Store and Apple TV. All you need to do is visit their websites and purchase or rent the movie. In addition, some On Demand packages from cable companies also offer 'Trolls World Tour' as part of their library. Secondly, if you have an active children's subscription pass such as NuFlix Kids or Disney+, you can get instant streaming access to the movie without having to purchase it separately.

Another option is YouTube Movies & Shows where you can rent or buy 'Trolls World Tour'. Finally, there are some smaller streaming platforms such as Vudu and Redbox On Demand which also offer rental or purchase of the movie. As a last resort (for those who do not wish to purchase online), some traditional DVD rental stores still have copies of this movie.

So no matter what kind of streaming platform is right for your family and budget, you can be sure that there will be a way to watch 'Trolls World Tour'!

Is Knives Out available to watch on Amazon Prime?

Knives Out is indeed available to stream on Amazon Prime. In fact, the movie has been lauded for its quality and clever humor, receiving numerous awards and earning itself an impressive 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The whodunit comedy-mystery written and directed by Rian Johnson stars a sensational all-star cast including Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon and Christopher Plummer and tells the story of a family gathering gone wrong with an unexpected twist.

While Knives Out is one of the top streamed movies on Amazon Prime it is also available across a variety of other platforms, such as iTunes, Google Play and YouTube. The stellar cast has captured the hearts of audiences around the world making this movie a must watch for any fan of mystery or crime thrillers. With its stellar acting performances combined with clever plotting and a twist that will leave you in shock, this film is considered a classic in the crime/mystery genre and streaming it on Amazon Prime gives viewers access to high quality content whenever they want.

Whether you're looking for quality entertainment with great production value or understanding why Knives Out has made such an impact, there's no doubt that watching it on Amazon Prime will provide first-rate streaming content alongside convenient features. This gripping story combined with its talented cast will have you entertained until the surprise reveal near the end so be sure to catch this delightful movie while its available to watch on Prime!

Where can I watch The Last Thing He Wanted?

The Last Thing He Wanted is a suspenseful drama directed by Dee Rees, based on the novel of the same name by Joan Didion. The movie follows reporter Elena McMahon (Anne Hathaway) as she digs into her father's shady dealings amidst the backdrop of the U.S.-backed Contra War in 1984. With its engaging combination of exciting action, political intrigue and complex characterization, The Last Thing He Wanted is sure to thrill viewers.

For those looking to watch The Last Thing He Wanted, it can be found on Netflix, available for streaming in both standard and high-definition formats. The movie can also be purchased from various digital platforms like iTunes or Google Play -- or, for those wishing to secure a physical copy of the film, it can be purchased from Amazon or Best Buy in Blu-ray or DVD format.

Much like with any piece of art, watching The Last Thing He Wanted is an experience that should not be rushed through; take your time to get immersed in the story and characters. Though some may find this film difficult due to its complex politics and moral quandaries, watching it with an open mind will reward those who are patient enough to commit to it with a satisfying conclusion that leaves much to contemplate afterwards.

How can I watch Lego Movie 2: The Second Part?

If you’re a fan of the beloved Lego Movie franchise, you’re in for a treat! The long-awaited Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is now available for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re watching from the comfort of your own home or enjoying a trip to the cinema, here are some great ways that you can watch Lincoln’s brick-building adventures with Emmet, Lucy, Batman and the rest of their wacky pals!

First and foremost, you can stream the movie on popular services like iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies & TV and more. For a more conventional movie-watching experience with snacks included, many theaters all over the world will be playing the film. Bigger cities such as Los Angeles and New York may also show exclusive live events or cast meetups to delight fans of all ages! If you prefer physical media or extra special souvenirs, buying the Blu-ray or DVD versions also ensures that you own the film to watch back at your convenience. Any way that you choose to watch it is sure to be enjoyable; this fun family movie will certainly please any Lego lover out there!

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