Where Can I Watch the Neverending Story?

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Posted Jan 11, 2023

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The Neverending Story is a beloved classic film that continues to capture the hearts of viewers both young and old. If you’re wanting to watch this movie, you may be wondering where to find it. Fortunately, the answer is you can watch The Neverending Story online and on television (depending on your country) with just a few clicks!

For those living in the United States, The Neverending Story is available with a subscription to Amazon Prime or can be rented for a fee on platforms such as iTunes or Google Play. It can also be found on Netflix and occasionally airs through syndication in some regions. In addition to its availability online, many public libraries have copies available in their DVD collections for checkout.

If channel surfing happens to bring you across an episode of The Neverending Story, know that this would likely be either the 1984 original film or the 1994 sequel entitledThe Leopardio Prince. While there are three movies altogether in this series, unfortunately, only the first two have been released in video format for our viewing pleasure.

No matter which version you choose, however, recapturing one’s childhood with a charming adaptation of Michael Ende's classic story merits paying into a streaming service or simply checking it out from your local library - whichever option works best for you!

Where can I stream The Neverending Story?

You can stream The Neverending Story on HBO Max now. The 1984 fantasy film, directed by Wolfgang Petersen, is based on the 1979 German novel by Michael Ende of the same name and tells the story of Bastian Balthazar Bux, a withdrawn 12-year-old boy who finds solace in a fictitious book, “The Neverending Story.”

The movie follows Bastian’s journey as he discovers a whole new fantasy universe within the book that brings out unexpected courage and helps him to face his fears. Along with Bastian, viewers embark on an adventure through some of the most memorable scenes like Falkor the luckdragon soaring over Fantasia, Rockbiter singing “Rockchucker Rock”, and Atreyu riding on horseback against a giant roaring sea serpent.

HBO Max also offers exclusive extras to enhance your streaming experience. If you choose to stream The Neverending Story today, you get access to four unique pieces of content that takes viewers even further into familiar scenes including interviews with author Michael Ende’s daughter and behind-the-scenes featurettes about production design of the film. In addition, there are special stories where real fans share how this movie made an impact in their lives and how this classic still has relevance to this day! So start streaming The Neverending Story on HBO Max today and relive an epic journey that is sure to bring out forgotten childhood memories!

What channels are playing The Neverending Story?

The 1984 classic, ‘The Neverending Story’, is a much-loved fan favorite in the world of fantasy and children’s literature. Revisiting this magical world has been made easier with streams of the movie on different channels.

HULU is one popular option that gives viewers access to the movie. HULU stream brings you the entire movie commercial free so you have to worry less about commercial interruptions and maximize your viewing pleasure. It also offers lifetime access so you can revisit Bastian’s adventure as many times as you like for a one-time fee.

Another channel playing The Neverending Story is TubiTV. If you enjoy streaming services without having to pay, then TubiTV is your perfect option. With new movies added weekly and amongst its library of 13,000 titles, The Neverending Story too is available on this streaming service at no cost! Furthermore, you can watch it through smart TVs, Roku™ player and more so show time has no limit.

Amazon Prime Video also offers a chance to watch The Neverending Story in its high-quality prints and audio versions. For 0-80$ per year, you get instant access to movies like The Neverending Story plus other videos on demand (VOD). Interestingly, if you have no Amazon Prime account yet or are a first time user you get a free subscription for 30 days so now feels like a great time to start!

So these are just some of the channels where you can experience The Neverending Story which will provide enough variety for viewership pleasure anytime!

What is the best way to watch The Neverending Story?

Ah, The Neverending Story. This iconic 1984 film by Wolfgang Petersen captivated viewers from the very first moment as Bastian Balthazar Bux enters the magical world of Fantasia. The movie has since remained a timeless classic and watching it can be a nostalgia-filled joy for many people.

The best way to watch The Neverending Story is on the big screen! There’s nothing like the feeling of settling into a theater seat and being fully immersed in this classic fairy tale movie. Not only do you benefit from better visual quality with a wide screen yet still get to enjoy all the special effects of this cult hit—there’s simply no comparison between watching it at home versus on the big screen. In addition, embracing pop culture references like Sing-Alongs or midnight showings can add to the viewing enjoyment and make for an eventful evening out with friends.

Of course, watching The Neverending Story in the comfort of your own home definitely also has its benefits as well. You still get to experience all the elements of this classic but with options like surround sound or higher definition quality, choosing to stay at home can amplify your viewing experience. Rounding out a group at home with popcorn and whoever you choose (including furry friends!) might be just what you need to soothe your Fantasia cravings until the next theater outing is available.

Regardless of how you decide to rewatch The Neverending Story—at home or on the big screen—it will be sure to bring back memories and take you away on another beautiful journey!

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