What Time Does Fantastic Sams Open?

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Posted Jan 11, 2023

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Fantastic Sams is one of the most popular hair salons around the world and many people are wondering what time they open. The great news is that Fantastic Sams has made it easy to find out when they open their doors.

The opening hours of Fantastic Sams vary depending on location, with some salons being open as early as 8:00am and as late as 10:00pm local time. For specific store hours, customers should check the official website or give their local salon a call. Customers should also be aware that certain locations may have special holiday hours or be closed on certain days of the week. It is always best to double check beforehand.

When walking into a Fantastic Sams salon, customers will be treated to a warm and inviting environment full of helpful stylists who are eager to help make sure their experience is one that won’t easily be forgotten. From basic haircuts and trims, to more elaborate styles like ombres and highlights, the stylists at Fantastic Sams will have customers looking fashionable in no time. For those looking for specialized services such as straightening treatments or color treatments, they can rest assured knowing they will receive an impeccable job.

No matter what time Fantastic Sams opens, it’s sure to bring nothing but joy and satisfaction for any customer lucky enough to grace their doorsteps. With amazing service from knowledgeable professionals combined with its convenient opening hours, there’s no wonder why Fantastic Sams remains one of the top choices for haircare needs around the world.

What time does Fantastic Sams close?

Fantastic Sams is a well-loved hair salon chain that operates in several states throughout the nation. Knowing when they close their doors can be important information, so let’s take a look closer look. Generally speaking, Fantastic Sams close at the same time every day. On weekdays, their hours differ slightly between locations but typically close at 8:00pm. On Saturday most Fantastic Sams tend to have longer opening hours and close at 6:00pm. Finally on Sundays most locations are closed for the day, with only some locations opening for a few hours and closing again by 5:00pm.

We know that everyone’s day-to-day lives are different and sometimes times change! To ensure that customers have up-to-date information on closing times, Fantastic Sams have put key information on their website. The website also includes extra services such as online booking capabilities so that customers can schedule haircuts ahead of time – even if it’s after regular operating hours! As well as this, Fantastic Sam holiday schedules can be found online too - with some locations altering their usual closing times during public holidays or special occasions.

Having clear and up-to-date info on when Fantastic Sams closes is vital in ensuring smooth customer experiences. Now you have all the knowledge you need to know when the next trim or cut is happening!

What days is Fantastic Sams open?

Fantastic Sams is a great place to get a fresh new look. It can give you the perfect style cut and color to make you look and feel your best. But when can you get in to see their experienced team of pros? Fantastic Sams operates various hours across the United States, so let’s pinpoint exactly what days they are open at each location.

You can usually anticipate Fantastic Sams opening on weekdays around 9 or 10 AM and closing up no later than 9 PM. On Saturdays, expect them to open around 8 AM and close slightly earlier around 7 PM. Lastly, Sundays are typically their slowest days and often most locations will be shut by 5 or 6 PM but there are some that remain open until 7 PM, so you’ll want to check with your local salon if Sunday hours apply to them.

The friendly staff at Fantastic Sams is always more than happy to accommodate clients as best as possible so make sure you schedule an appointment ahead of time if you know exactly what days you need. From precision haircuts to vibrant colors, Fantastic Sams has everything a customer could desire for a low cost and with extended hours throughout the week it’s not hard to find the right time for a little makeover!

What services does Fantastic Sams offer?

Fantastic Sams is a franchise hair salon chain offering a range of professional styling services to customers. The salons follow the strict quality standards of the franchise and offer an extensive menu of services, including haircuts, highlights, custom color solutions, updos, and waxing.

A Fantastic Sams haircut can include either a classic trim or an innovative ‘upgrade’ service in which they customize your look based on your personal style and hair type. The haircut includes wash and light conditioning with a luxurious scalp massage. A Fantastic Sams style is completed with professional blow dryers, irons and curlers.

Highlighting techniques take into consideration the customer’s skin tone when deciding on colors for their highlights. An expert stylist will create touched up or all-over highlights that enhance your look without looking fake or over-the-top. Stylists use advanced ammonia-free solution systems to ensure maximum satisfaction from their color services to deliver outstanding results that leave even the most demanding customer happy.

If you are interested in getting dolled up for an event, Fantastic Sams also provides updo services using special treatments like heat protection sprays along with hot tools such as curling and flat irons to form intricate hairstyles without damaging the hair. Finally, they offer waxing services to give customers smoother skin and longer-lasting results thanks to their waxing technique that uses gentle products which minimize discomfort while maximizing satisfaction.

In conclusion, Fantastic Sams offers a wide variety of professional styling services ranging from haircuts to highlighting techniques to waxing making them an excellent choice for people looking to find top quality salon care at accessible price points!

What are Fantastic Sams hours of operation?

Fantastic Sams is an affordable option for when you need a haircut, color, or style. However, with all salons, it’s important to know what hours they offer to make sure that you can get your appointment in.

Most Fantastic Sams locations are open from around 9am or 10am until 8pm on weekdays and Saturdays. Sunday hours will vary from salon to salon, but may be anywhere from 9am or 10am until 6pm. It’s always a good idea to call ahead and verify the exact hours of operation for the location near you. Fantastic Sams also offers several services including deep conditioning treatments, facial waxing, hair styling and more - so it's a great choice if you're looking for something beyond just a cut or color!

Fantastic Sams also runs seasonal promotions throughout the year that offer discounts on their services. These promotions typically last anywhere from a few weeks to a month or longer and provide great savings! Each location is independently operated and owned so the specials may vary by store. So don’t forget to ask about any current promotions when scheduling your next hair appointment at Fantastic Sams!

Does Fantastic Sams accept walk-ins?

Fantastic Sams is a popular hair care chain across the US and its customers have come to expect a quality service every time they visit. To answer the question of whether Fantastic Sams accepts walk-ins - the answer is yes, absolutely!

At Fantastic Sams, you can enjoy the convenience of having a flexible booking system that guarantees walk-in availability. It’s an open door policy – you can turn up at any time – just look out for the sign that reads “Walk-Ins Welcome” outside any franchised outlet. With such an accommodating policy, Fantastic Sams makes sure customers get their hair cut and styled as soon as possible – all without having to pre-book an appointment if you don’t have one already!

Furthermore, Fantastic Sams also offers a lowest price guarantee on all cutting services so you know you’ll always be getting a great deal when you visit. This includes great savings on brand name items such as hair products and styling tools so it really pays to shop around looking for bargains. All of this is made available in the comfort of modern salons with experienced, award-winning stylists who are more than happy to accommodate walk-in customers on demand.

So, whether you're visiting your local Fantastic Sams or any franchise across America– rest assured that walk-ins are available and always welcome. Take advantage of their great prices while enjoying both an efficient and professional service from some of the best hairdressers around!

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