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Crafty Crab is a delicious seafood restaurant that has become increasingly popular due to its wide range of fresh, quality dishes. But, one common question among the patrons of this establishment is “what time does Crafty Crab Close?”

Crafty Crab has different closing times for each location. During standard working hours, most locations close between 8pm and 10pm on weekdays and weekend nights. However, some locations also open as late as 11pm on Saturdays and 9pm on Sundays. Each location also offers specific hours which may differ depending upon seasonal demand and foot traffic. Some restaurants occasionally close earlier than the stated times if the demand is low or the day is slow.

Crafty Crab always puts its customers first and gives everyone ample warning when they plan to close early or shut shop entirely for a day or two. If you’re planning to head over to your local Crafty Crab at any point in the day, it’s strongly advised that you check their website or call ahead beforehand just to make sure you're aware of their specific closing time for that day.

And if all else fails, there’s no need to worry— Crafty crab's delicious dishes can be bought online too! Now you can pick up your favorite meal from wherever you are using delivery services like DoorDash and Enjoy Foods Delivery at any time of the day!

What time does Crafty Crab open?

Crafty Crab is a popular seafood spot located in many cities. The question of “What time does Crafty Crab open?” is definitely one that many diners ask themselves when they are looking to satisfy a craving for delicious seafood.

The answer is that the opening hours of Crafty Crab can vary from location to location. Depending on the city, time zone and state, Crafty Crab usually opens either between 11am and 12pm, or 4pm and 5pm. Many establishments open for lunch at 11am-12pm and dinner at 4pm-5pm Monday through Friday with slightly earlier times on Saturdays and Sundays - generally 10am-11am and 3pm-4pm respectively.

There are some exceptions however; some locations may be open from 11am-11pm every day of the week or may close earlier on Sundays. The best advice we can give is to check online as many locations will have detailed opening times listed directly on their website. Alternatively you can call your local Crafty Crab before making a reservation or heading out for dinner so you don’t miss out on your favorite seafood dishes!

What days is Crafty Crab open?

Crafty Crab is an exciting restaurant that is quickly gaining popularity, with many people wondering when they can get their hands on some of their delicious seafood. The answer is that Crafty Crab’s locations are open 7 days a week! From Monday through Thursday the restaurant opens at 4:00 PM and closes at 10 PM, while there’s a slightly longer operating window on the weekends. On Fridays and Saturdays they’re opening up shop at 11 AM, running all the way until midnight. As for Sundays, you can get your fill of seafood starting at noon and going until 10 PM.

Crafty Crab offers up some of the most delicious coastal seafood dishes around so don’t miss out on your opportunity to dig into it any day of the week. Whether you are in the mood for their sensational crab cakes or would like to try something more adventurous like their seafood gumbo, Crafty Crab has something for everyone and their extended weekend hours make it easy to stop by any day of the week after work or school. Additionally, each Crafty Crab location has its own unique events calendar so be sure to check out one near you for additional activities. Make sure you make a visit to Crafty Crab during one of our 7 days a week to experience what everyone is talking about!

What are the hours of operation at Crafty Crab?

At Crafty Crab, having a great time while enjoying delicious seafood is a top priority. That's why the hours of operation for this popular seafood restaurant are designed to provide plenty of time for customers to eat, play and simply have fun during their visit.

The restaurant location in Charlotte, NC is open from Monday to Saturday from 11am to 10pm. On Sundays the doors open at noon with service until 10pm. They offer lunch specials Monday through Friday with most entrees priced under $9!

Also available is their all-you-can-eat option which consists of a variety of options like snow crab legs, dungeness crabs, shrimp and clams. This is available throughout the week, but price varies by day (Monday-Thursday $35 per person; Friday & Saturday $38 per person; and all day Sunday $34 per person). The hours of operation make it so that customers can take advantage of this special any day of the week!

Their restaurant setting allows for groups both large and small to have an amazing time during their visit. Crafty Crab has made it so that people can fully enjoy their time there with long hours filled with good food and happy people. So don’t be afraid come and indulge at Crafty Crab’s every day from 11am - 10pm!

Does Crafty Crab offer takeout?

Crafty Crab is a seafood restaurant chain that serves fresh and affordable seafood dishes in an atmosphere that encourages socialization and casual dining. Recently, many of their locations have begun to offer take-out services as well. You can now get all your favorite dishes like King Crab Legs or savory Clam Chowder to go!

There are several benefits that come along with having Crafty Crab offer take-out. It makes their services more accessible, as many people do not have the time or energy available to sit down and enjoy their meal in person. Also, for people who live too far away from one of their locations, having the option to order online and then pick up their order either curbside or in-store provides them with an easy way to enjoy the seafood they love without having to wait for delivery.

On top of making their offerings more convenient, Crafty Crab also packages all food orders securely with an accompanying insulated bag. This ensures that your food stays warm and crispy throughout your drive home or other destination. Their thoughtful packaging also goes the extra mile by including disposable plates, cutlery, and napkins so you don't have to worry about having utensils handy when you open up your order.

So yes, Crafty Crab does offer takeout service at many of its locations and it has made it easier than ever for everyone to enjoy its delicious seafood creations without leaving home!

Does Crafty Crab have a happy hour?

The seafood restaurant Crafty Crab is one of the most sought after dining experiences in town, so people may be wondering if they offer a happy hour. The answer is yes! Crafty Crab has a daily happy hour that appeals to all tastes, from budget-minded diners to those looking for a gourmet experience.

Customers can expect delicious dishes such as coconut shrimp jambalaya and savory snow crab beignets with garlic butter. All of the items on the menu are discounted during happy hour, making it one of the most affordable and enjoyable seafood experiences in town. The atmosphere at Crafty Crab is also relaxed and festive - with dimly lit lighting, large window views, live music and more. With such an inviting ambiance and great prices, there's really no better place to enjoy fresh seafood than here at Crafty Crab during their daily happy hour!

In addition to the discount menu of delightful dishes and appetizers, guests who dine during happy hour will often find that there are also tasty alcoholic beverages available for purchase as well. Guests can enjoy an array of drinks from craft cocktails and martinis to bubbly champagne selections - all at lower prices than normal during the restaurant’s daily happy hour period. With such delicious dishes at discounted prices, you won't want to miss out on this awesome experience - it's sure to make your night much happier!

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