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The Good Times Only tour is the eighth worldwide concert tour by South Korean boy band BTS. It marks their first world tour since the Love Yourself tour in 2019. The band decided to forgo the usual stadium concerts due to the Covid-19 pandemic, opting instead for an online version of the show.

For fans who have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of BTS and their Good Times Only tour, this news may feel a little disappointing. But why did they choose to go online? There are various reasons why a virtual tour makes sense for this mega-popular group right now.

First of all, it’s important to remember that global health and safety remains a top priority for everyone, including BTS and their fans. Staging an in-person concert requires significant planning and adequate time to coordinate with government entities and venues around the world in order to ensure that everyone – from those attending the concert, local staff, and even the members themselves – is safe throughout the entire production process. Given how quickly Covid-19 protocols can change, organizing such a massive event can be difficult at best.

Second, while it’s not as “exclusive” as an in-person concert experience would be, going digital also gives fans around the world a chance to attend, no matter where they are located geographically or economically. Without having to worry about tickets or transportation costs associated with travel, any fan has access to enjoy BTS’ performance via their screens – something which was not feasible just a few years ago!

Last but not least, virtual concerts are easier to record! Because they don’t require physical setups such as sound systems or lightsheets like traditional concerts do, filming and editing become much easier tasks for production teams - meaning that there might be more content produced for fans than ever before!

Ultimately it seems as though going virtual was not only necessary given our current situation with global health concerns but also advantageous in providing access even wider audiencebase than before; potentially increasing viewership numbers further than any previous tours had made possible before now!

What inspired you to create the Good Times Only tour?

I remember the feeling of anticipation when I first embarked on the journey to create the Good Times Only tour. I was inspired by a passion for exploration, adventure and creating special memories; an optimism, a longing for a world where all of that was possible and more.

The idea behind the Good Times Only tour stemmed from my desire to create moments and events where people could forget reality and just enjoy being surrounded by positive energy in one place. This started off as just an ambition, but gradually materialized as I started speaking with different professionals, visiting various locales, and realizing the potential different venues could offer in terms of atmosphere, music choices and other features.

Most importantly however, it was the people I met during my travels who truly influenced what this tour eventually became. Oftentimes it seemed like they were waiting – itching -for something new to emerge. When the Good Times Only Tour was announced it was imminent that there was a great hunger out there for moments deemed unforgettable; people wanted to let loose, have fun, take risks – both physically and mentally. This realization drove me to make sure that this project would be bigger than anticipated, providing everyone with an unforgettable experience regardless of social affiliations. The idea that it can bring us all together again – making people relish the joy of being alive thrills me beyond words!

What can we expect during the Good Times Only tour?

The Good Times Only tour is coming to town and is sure to be an incredible experience. This tour will feature headliner Mac Miller and several exciting up-and-coming acts that you won't want to miss. From incredible rap and hip hop beats, to lightshow visuals and surprise guests, this tour offers something for everyone.

One of the biggest points of attraction when it comes to the Good Times Only tour is its wide range of performers. The tour will feature a mix of rising stars like YBN Cordae, Trippie Redd, 88GLAM and additional guests that are yet to be announced. With this multitude of talent, ranging from emerging artists to established classics, there's no doubt that concertgoers will enjoy world-class entertainment during their night out.

Another unique element of this upcoming show is the introduction of an immersive audio/visual experience provided alongside each musical act's performance. Featuring 360 degree laser light displays and other state-of-the-art graphics, along with immersive surround sound systems, the Good Times Only tour promises the audience a truly remarkable experience from start to finish.

Fans can also look forward to special merchandise that will be exclusively available at the concerts along with extra goods from Mac Miller’s collective DON artistic venture as well as UNO’s Fly Collection which features funky streetwear inspired apparel for anyone looking for something special for their night out on the tour! So come out and join Mac Miller on his Good Times Only tour – you won’t be disappointed!

What have been some of the highlights of the Good Times Only tour?

The Good Times Only tour is the official headlining tour by South Korean boy band, BTS. The tour has taken them to venues in North America, Europe, and Asia and has been incredibly successful so far. There have been many highlights of this tour, notable ones being BTS's two shows at Wembley Stadium in London which sold out within hours. In addition to this historic moment, other highlights from the Good Times Only tour have been spectacular performances from the group. Whether it was a passionate stage performance of fan-favorite songs to an a cappella rendition of their iconic ballad “Fake Love”, BTS managed to bring an energy and enthusiasm to their show that was felt by fans everywhere.

Beginning with the North American leg of their tour, fans have gotten a true taste of what it's like to be at a BTS show. From carnival-esque attractions pre-show that topped lists of things not to miss, to dedicated fans creating small versions of Seoul Music Awards stages or cosplaying the members on stage on specific stops - there were plenty of surprises along the way! In order elicit a response from an audience that clearly knows every lyric and dance move - BTS always manages to pull out gems such as music video remakes during their concerts that left fans saying "what?!" Numerous meet & greet sessions throughout the concert's run proved the group’s intention for good times only: giving money away during those sessions!

All in all, from scripting quality concerts with unprecedented experiences for ARMYs all around the world - the Good Times Only Tour certainly has had no shortage of highlights and memorable moments. Whether it was surreal or heartwarming moments or even just pure spectacle - it is clear why so many were able to witness firsthand why fandom never fails with BTS!

How did the idea for the Good Times Only tour come about?

The Good Times Only tour is a travelling event that celebrates the joys of life and encourages people to appreciate and share moments of happiness with one another. It was created by French entrepreneur, Antoine Ippolito, who had the idea for the tour after experiencing an epiphany at Burning Man Festival in 2013.

Antoine embraced the festival's ethos of self-expression and community-building, and was inspired by its deep messages on creating meaningful connections with an unlimited amount of possibilities. He identified this as a way to break out of his own personal creative stagnation and seek out something more satisfying. He also felt strongly inspired to bring this feeling to other parts of the world – thus creating Good Times Only Tour.

Originally, Antoine's plan was to create a package tour of various festivals around America — connecting with people, discovering amazing cultures and sharing inspiring stories. After visiting dozens of festival destinations around the world, he saw firsthand how transformative music festivals can be for connecting with others on deeper levels. Upon his return home from Burning Man in 2013 he decided to launch Good Times Only as a way to bring this experience to even more people – feeling strongly that we could all use more fun and connection in our lives.

Good Times only continues to spread its message of being present and living a life full of beauty — gathering everywhere from small quirky towns to huge urban cities and exploring different scenes, stories, artworks and styles from all walks of life along the way.

What makes the Good Times Only tour special?

A night out on a concert tour can create some of the most treasured memories of our lives. The April to August 2021 “Good Times Only” tour is sure to offer unforgettable experiences filled with an abundance of unique elements. What makes this tour so special? Here are just a few aspects that make it stand out from other concert tours.

First and foremost, the Good Times Only tour offers an eclectic mix of performers for guests to enjoy. From emerging indie pop acts to rap powerhouses, there’s something for every music fan on this tour. Each show features diverse artists, creating an atmosphere that is both vibrant and exciting, showcasing different genres and sounds at every performance.

For those interested in more than listening to live music, you can expect much more than just a concert experience when attending the Good Times Only Tour. Many cities will include interactive activities like painting classes, guided yoga sessions, and after-parties where artists mingle with fans. At each venue, guests will be able to purchase exclusive merch designed specifically for that city – making each event uniquely special compared to the last!

From a night filled with music and entertainment to upgrading your wardrobe with limited edition merch for each city – the Good Times Only Tour is sure to be memorable in more ways than one! This is one concert series you won't want to miss out on – don't forget your dancing shoes!

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