How to Do Fractions on Iphone Calculator?

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Doing fractions on an iPhone calculator couldn’t be easier. The Calculator app provides all the features you need to do basic fraction calculations – plus a few more advanced features that can come in handy too. Here are step-by-step instructions for how to use the iPhone calculator to perform basic fraction operations:

1. Launch the Calculator app by tapping it on your iPhone home screen.

2. Enter the numerator of your first fraction by tapping the number buttons at the top of the keypad.

3. Tap "/" to add a forward slash and create a fraction from your numerator number (e.g., 3/).

4. Enter the denominator of your first fraction and then tap "=" when finished entering both numbers (e.g., 3/4 =). The result will display above in decimal form (0.75).

5 Repeat steps 2 - 4 if you want to enter another complete fraction, such as 5/6, then tap + or - (or * or /) according to what operation you are doing with these two fractions: addition, subtraction, multiplication or division respectively). For example 5/6 + 3/4 equals 14/12; tap "=" when done entering formula and operand symbols; result should display as 1 1/12 in decimal form above equation entry box on Calculator app window view pane)

6 If you want only want results displayed as a mixed number -- not necessarily required for most work but it does help with readability -- just turn up switch labeled “Fractions” located at bottom center side of window pane displaying field where calculations occur . After switching this switch from off position (tabbed down) turn it into upright position so that tab points upward towards top left corner —this will cause present calculation results being displayed as mixed numbers—eighty sixths appears simply 6 2⁄3 rather than 0 ¾—well formatted for written work situations requiring human readability .

How to add fractions on iPhone calculator?

Adding fractions on iPhone calculator can seem like a daunting task but, in fact, it's easier than you think! With the latest model of iPhone and its advanced calculators, it's possible to quickly answer questions involving fractions. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Open the Calculator app on your phone. You should see a regular number pad with the basic functions.

2. Tap on the “+/-” button at the top left-hand side of your screen twice if you want to add two fractions with different denominators (the bottom number).3. Enter both numerators (the top numbers) into the Calculator and press “=”4. The calculator will display your answer in fraction form as well as a decimal approximation for reference if needed

5. To repeat adding other fractions together simply enter their numerators one after another and press “=” each time when finished - this saves you from having to reset or re-enter any previous calculations from scratch

6. If you need to add mixed numbers together (a whole number plus a fraction), start by converting them into improper fraction first - simply multiply both denominator and numerator by whole number amount before entering both results into calculator as an improper fraction Added bonus - iPhones' latest calculators can automatically interpret mixed numbers as well

7Tap “C” on your calculator when done to reset all values.

With these easy steps, now anyone can quickly add fractions using their iPhone's calculator!

How to subtract fractions on iPhone calculator?

Using the calculator on your iPhone is a great way to calculate math equations like fractions without having to write it down. Subtracting fractions can be tricky at times, but with the right steps, you’ll be able to subtract them in no time! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to subtract fractions using your iPhone calculator:

1. Open your calculator app and enter the first fraction into the calculator by typing in the numerator then pressing “/” followed by entering in the denominator.

2. Press “+/-” which will change your fraction from positive to negative if it was positive or visa versa for if it was negative. This will cause our second fraction we go enter will be subtracted from our first fraction instead of added as when adding fractions we usually do both sides are positive numbers.

3. Enter in the second fraction pressing “/” after entering in numerator and before entering denominator of that second number so that now it shows two fractions side by side with an operation sign between them (example 4/5 - 3/4).

4. Finally press equals sign ("=") which gives us answer written out as a single mixed number (Example 1 1/20). If you wanted decimal format (Example 0.05), all you have to do is press “Decimal” button before hitting equals sign ("="). This convert answer into decimal format automatically so user don't have worry about doing any extra calculations manually after getting answer they want!

How to multiply fractions on iPhone calculator?

If you're an iPhone user, chances are you know your way around a calculator. But did you know that the iPhone can help you multiply fractions? That's right, it's not just addition, subtraction and basic multiplication that your phone can help out with.

Thankfully, getting the calculator to work with fractions is not complicated at all. Follow these steps and get multiplying!

1. Open up your Calculator app on the iPhone and enter in the first fraction you’d like to multiply by tapping in each number associated with it separately from left to right (for example: if your first fraction is 4/5 tap in “4” then tap on “/” then tap in “5”).

2. After entering the first fraction hit either of the two multiplication symbols (x or *). This enters a single space for entry of the next fraction – so enter in the numbers comprising your second fraction as before (e.g., if this was 3/7 enter “3” then “/” then “7.) Lastly…

3. Hit = and voila! Your answer will be displayed where both fractions were once listed below with their respective multiplicands\n

How to divide fractions on iPhone calculator?

Working with fractions on an iPhone calculator can seem daunting at first, but you'll soon find that it's not that difficult! In this post we'll show you a few easy steps for how to divide fractions using the built-in iPhone calculator.

First, open your “Calculator” app that was preloaded on your device. Then, enter the numerator (top number) of your dividend (the number being divided). Next type the "/" key followed by the denominator (bottom number) of the dividend. Tap "=" which gives us our quotient (answer). Now tap "+/-" to make sure both dividend and quotient have opposite signs since dividing a fractional number is like multiplying it by its reciprocal. Finally, press "=" again to get your answer.

For instance, if we want to divide 2/3 by 3/4 simply type “2” then tap "/", then “3”, then tap "+/-", and finally hit "=". The result will be 8/9!

As you can see dividing fractions on an iPhone calculator isn't so complicated after all! With these few simple steps you'll be able to easily solve all sorts of fraction problems without breaking a sweat.

How to simplify fractions on iPhone calculator?

If you’re wondering how to simplify fractions on iPhone calculator, then look no further! Simplifying fractions on your iPhone may seem intimidating, but it is actually quite easy. All you need to do is use the calculator app and use one of these tricks:

1) Divide both numbers in the fraction by a common number that they both have factors in common. For example, if you have 3/9 as your fraction, then dividing it by 3 would give you 1/3. Another example would be 8/12 which can be simplified to 2/3 when divided by 4.

2) Use the “Greatest Common Factor” or GCF button on your calculator app (usually under Math or Advanced). For instance, if your fraction is 24/48 then enter these numbers and press GCF will give you an answer of 12, meaning that 24/48 simplifies down to 1/2 because 48 divided by 12 is 4 and 24 divided by 12 is 2.

Now that you know how to use your iPhone calculator app to simplify fractions quickly and easily! Feel free to explore other ways of simplifying fractions with this tool – who knows what mathematical discoveries await?

How to convert fractions to decimals on iPhone calculator?

If you are curious about how to convert fractions to decimals using the iPhone calculator, the process is quite simple. All you need is a basic understanding of fractions and decimals, as well as what your calculator can do.

The first step is to enter the fraction into your phone's calculator. When entering fractions, use the "/" symbol in between the two numbers. As an example, if you were looking to convert ¾ (three fourths) into a decimal, type "3/4" on your calculator screen.

Once entered correctly, simply press the equals button ("=") and it should display the converted decimal amount. In our example of ¾, it should display 0.75 (which is three fourths expressed in decimal form).

It's also worth noting that certain calculators allow for more advanced calculations that involve multiple conversions at once or even showing all steps within a conversion process. Your default calculator should still be able unlock most common fraction-to-decimal conversions without any issues though!

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