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What time is ryan garcia fight?

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Published: 2021-04-26

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What time is ryan garcia fight?

Ryan Garcia is an up-and-coming boxing star, and he's got a big fight lined up that fans are excited to watch. This blog post will answer the question of when will this fight take place?

The fight between Ryan Garcia and Luke Campbell is scheduled to take place on Saturday, January 2nd at 8pm (EST) at the American Airlines Center in Dallas Texas. The fight promises to be a showstopper as both fighters have credentials to prove they’re ready for a battle in the ring. Garcia has had a total of 19 fights, winning 18 and losing 1 while Campbell has had 25 fights, winning 20 and losing 5. Whoever wins this contest will definitely have bragging rights over the other!

Fans of both fighters can access the live broadcast from multiple streaming services including ESPN+, DAZN, Fite TV, Fox Sports PPV and YouTube TV. All these providers are expected to start their coverage with pre-fight analysis as early as 7 PM EST (4 PM PST) on January 2nd. With no audience in attendance due to local health restrictions, fans can make sure they don’t miss any main event action by tuning into their favourite streaming platforms right when it starts.

Ryan Garcia vs Luke Campbell promises to be an explosive fight between two talented boxers with impressive resumes. Don’t forget to catch the fight live at 8 PM (EST) on January 2nd!

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When will Ryan Garcia enter the ring?

Ryan Garcia has been a rising star in the boxing world for some time now. As one of the most talented up-and-coming fighters in the game, fans eagerly await his next matchup. With the current climate surrounding combat sports, it’s unclear when exactly that will be.

At this time, no official fight announcement has been made for Ryan Garcia's next bout. However, there have been a few hints from the fighter himself. In August 2020, Garcia revealed via Twitter that he was in training and that an announcement about a fight date was coming soon. That hasn't yet materialized but since then Garcia has continued to voice his eagerness to get back in the ring, indicating that his return could be sooner rather than later.

The consensus among boxing pundits is that Ryan Garcia will enter the ring sometime early 2021 with his exact date pending approval from promoters and governing bodies due to health regulations brought on by COVID-19. Assuming there's no further delays, it's likely we'll see Garcia squaring off against an opponent very soon and all eyes will be fixed on this young phenom as he looks to rise even further into superstardom in the sport of boxing.

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What channel will Ryan Garcia fight be broadcasted on?

On Saturday, January 2nd, fans of professional boxing around the world will have their eyes on the highly anticipated fight between Ryan Garcia and Luke Campbell. As anticipation builds for this historic matchup, one of the top questions on most viewers’ minds is “What channel will Ryan Garcia fight be broadcasted on?” The answer to this question is DAZN. Founded in 2018 and available in 10 countries 60 million homes around the globe, DAZN is a subscription-based online streaming service dedicated to bringing its subscribers quality sporting events. It is a leader in boxing coverage and has hosted hundreds of fights over the past few years. The Ryan Garcia vs Luke Campbell fight will be streamed on the platform exclusively - meaning viewers must have a subscription to watch. To make sure you don’t miss a single punch thrown by Ryan Garcia in his upcoming bout, visit or your preferred streaming device now to create or update your account and purchase your subscription. You won’t want to miss out on what could be an iconic event. Whether you prefer NFL, NBA or some other popular sports league - make sure that Ryan Garcia’s upcoming fight against Luke Campbell remains at the top of your priority list!

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Which venue is Ryan Garcia's upcoming fight taking place at?

On January 2nd, 2021, professional boxer Ryan Garcia will fight Luke Campbell at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas for the vacant WBC interim lightweight title. The fight represents a pivotal moment for both boxers as it is Garcia's first time stepping into the ring with a world title on the line. Garcia has been an active fighter since 2016 and has compiled an impressive 20-0 record with 17 knockouts to his name.

The American Airlines Center stands out as among one of the top pick venues for major boxing events. It first opened its doors back in 2001 and has played host to some of the most memorable fights in history. Its upper bowl seating can hold up to 19,000 fans and its large video board is iconic in it of itself. So it makes sense that this highly anticipated match between two hard-hitting boxers be held within such a renowned environment.

The fight is set to be nothing short of electrifying with Ryan showcasing his hard-hitting combinations and Luke Campbell delivering powerful knockouts that have made him known across his entire country of England. Tickets range from just $35 which ensure fans won't miss out on all of the high octane action that's sure to take place come 2021. So don't miss out on your chance to witness history in progress—get your tickets now!

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Who is Ryan Garcia's next opponent?

Ryan Garcia, the current junior lightweight world champion, is set to fight a very formidable opponent next. According to several recent press conferences and interviews, Gervonta Davis will be Ryan Garcia's next match. Standing tall at 5 feet 5 inches and weighing 135 pounds, Davis has 20 wins and 0 losses in professional bouts. Known as ‘Tank’, Gervonta's aggressive boxing style uses his speed and power to outpace his opponents and overwhelm them with quick combinations.

Gervonta Davis is currently the WBA Lightweight champion, who has fought previously at both super featherweight and lightweight divisions during his career. He was part of Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s stable for several years before signing an exclusive deal with Premier Boxing Champions in 2020. Although he had a difficult start to his professional career, he gradually improved his record overtime resulting in what could be considered a spectacular run in his current division.

The upcoming fight between Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis is highly anticipated by boxing fans around the world as both fighters have impressive track records that make it clear that this is going to be a thrilling bout! Both boxers share similar aggressive boxing styles rooted in speed and power, so viewers should expect a fast-paced matchup full of action that promises plenty of intense moments for viewers at home or in attendance! With expectations high for both fighters’ performances on the night of the match, we are certainly looking forward to seeing this epic showdown!

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How long is the scheduled fight between Ryan Garcia and his opponent?

Ryan Garcia and his opponent, Luke Campbell, are set to fight on a six-round bout scheduled for January 2nd 2021. The fight will take place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas and is on the line for Garcia’s WBC interim lightweight title. Although originally planned to be a 10-round title fight, the bout has been shortened to six rounds per stipulation by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).

It’s important to note that the fight was made official after both sides agreed to adhere to safety protocols and other rules required by the TDLR in order for the fight to go ahead. Overall, this is a very exciting fight with both fighters possessing impressive records. Ryan Garcia, holder of an undefeated 23-0 record and with 19 of those fights ending by KO or TKO is coming into this match with confidence that few can match. On the other side, Luke Campbell bringing in his well-rounded 20-3 record with 16 wins coming from KO or TKO in professional fights thus far.

Both fighters are known for their dedication to training which will create an interesting clash when they meet in the ring at Dallas next year. It's still unknown how long each round will be exactly but it has been confirmed that Ryan Garcia vs Luke Campbell will have six rounds scheduled as part of their bout on January 2nd 2021.

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What time does Ryan Garcia vs Javier Fortuna start?

Ryan Garcia vs Javier Fortuna starts at 9pm ET on January 2, 2021.

When is Ryan Garcia's next fight?

Ryan Garcia's next fight is against Emmanuel Tagoe on February 20th, 2021

When is Ryan Garcia vs Emmanuel Tagoe?

Ryan Garcia vs Emmanuel Tagoe is on February 20th, 2021

How many rounds does Ryan Garcia Box?

Ryan Garcia typically boxes for 12 rounds

What channel is Ryan Garcia vs Javier Fortuna on?

Ryan Garcia vs Javier Fortuna will be broadcast on DAZN in the United States and Sky Sports in the UK and Ireland

What time Is Golden Boy vs Ryan Garcia?

Golden Boy Promotions hold exclusive broadcasting rights to all of Ryan Gaciar’s fights so there isn't a specific time that his bout with Javier Fortuna can be seen under this banner

Why did Sergio Garcia pull out of a fight?

Sergio Garcia pulled out of a fight due to an injury.

Is Fortuna a good fight for Sergio Garcia?

Fortuna is not a good fight for Sergio Garcia at this time.

How many fights does Ryan Garcia have?

Ryan Garcia has had 16 fights in total (15-0 record).

Is Ryan Garcia the real deal?

Yes, Ryan Garcia is the real deal and one of boxing's rising stars!

When is Ryan Garcia vs Mercito Gesta?

Ryan Garcia vs Mercito Gesta will take place on July 10th, 2021.

Who is Javier Fortuna?

Javier Fortuna is a professional boxer from the Dominican Republic.

How to watch Garcia vs Fortuna online for free?

Garcia vs Fortuna can be watched for free online on ESPN+.

Who sponsors the Garcia vs Fortuna fight?

The Garcia vs Fortuna fight is sponsored by Top Rank and Premier Boxing Champions.

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