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How to watch patreon videos on youtube app?

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Author: Lawrence Romero

Published: 2020-10-06

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How to watch patreon videos on youtube app?

Creating videos on Patreon can be an excellent way for content creators to share their art, creativity, and entertainment with the world. However, some viewers may be unsure of how to watch Patreon videos on YouTube’s app. As daunting as it may seem, this process is quite simple.

First and foremost, the viewer has to find a content creator within YouTube that also posts their content on Patreon. This can be done through searching the creater's name in YouTube’s search bar or by checking out any “related channels” displayed in a right-sidebar. Once the content creator has been found, you will have to choose the Patreon option located underneath their channel header. This will send you directly to that specific creator's Patreon page where you can access their exclusive videos and rewards.

Once you have access to that creator’s Patron page you need to log into your account and subscribe to the creators channel (you may need pay a small fee each month depending on which reward tier you pick). After this step is completed you will gain access to your subscription page where all of your subscribed channels are listed along with all of their respective videos. These videos can then be watched simply by click them accordingly.

By following these steps viewers now know how they can watch unique content from creators from all across the web within their own YouTube app. Additionally viewers will now be able to support those creators and unlock special features that could not have been accessed any other way. With these steps in mind, watching Patrons videos through the YouTube app is now much easier for all types of viewers!

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How do I watch Patreon content on the YouTube app?

Watching Patreon content on the YouTube app is an easy process that opens up an array of potential for content creators. Patreon provides a platform for content creators to have membership tiers that give access to exclusive video, audio or written content for specific payment amounts. A direct YouTube integration allows patrons to watch these exclusive videos directly from the YouTube app, without having to navigate away from the platform.

The first step in watching Patreon videos on the YouTube app is to be a patron of the creator. After signing up you will receive a unique link per payment tier upon logging in. It's important to point out here that if you're a Patreon user but not yet a patron of any creators, you may not be able to access the exclusive content.

The unique link sent to patrons each month is then uploaded as a private video on YouTube by the patron’s creator. It may take some trial and error before you can find your subscribed creator’s uploads; when searching, select “Videos” and then filter by “Unlisted” in order to locate them. If you find that your link isn’t working, all private video links have an expiration time so double-check with your creator if you run into any issues. After accessing this link, it may take several seconds for the video to begin playing after selection through displaying either a loading wheel or buffering icon onscreen; once it begins playing, your Patreon exclusives are ready and waiting within the official YouTube App! Enjoy!

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What steps do I need to take to access Patreon videos in the YouTube app?

Accessing Patreon videos on the YouTube app is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience and accessibility. Before accessing these types of videos on the app; however, it’s important to take specific steps in order to make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the application. First and foremost, ensure that you are logged into your YouTube account on the app using your Patreon credentials. If you don’t have a Patreon account linked to your YouTube account yet, simply create a new one using your email address and password. Once logging in, proceed to find and join a Patreon channel that has content available for public viewing. In order to do this, simply type “Patreon” into the YouTube search bar and select a channel that interests you. After joining the channel, confirm that auto-renewal is enabled for optimal viewing options. When these steps are completed, you will be able to watch all of the video content available on the Patreon-affiliated YouTube channel from within the YouTube app. This includes any exclusive Patron-only content so long as you remain an active member of that particular Patreon channel or group. It should also be noted that downloading these videos will not be possible through this platform; so if this is an option that you’d like access to then an alternate approach must be taken. Overall, accessing Patreon videos on the YouTube app may seem difficult at first; but with careful preparation and consideration it can become quite simple. With frequent updates within the application itself, there is no time like now to begin taking advantage of this platform!

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Is it possible to view Patreon videos on the YouTube app?

Viewing Patreon videos on the YouTube app can be a great way to support creators while also enjoying their content without having to access a website. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to view Patreon exclusive videos through the YouTube app. Patreon provides exclusive content for their users and does not allow the sharing of the content on any other platforms including YouTube.

Patreon exclusive content can only be accessed by creating an account and paying for associated membership tiers. These payments then go directly towards supporting creators and are used to help them create more content as oppose to advertising revenue generated by pay-per-view programs that YouTube offers.

Though it is not currently possible to view Patreon exclusive content through the YouTube app, users can still support their favourite creators in other ways. If you are worried about missing out on certain paid-only content, sign up for Patreon’s channel membership which allows users to claim early access, behind the scenes insight and special rewards straight from their favourite creators inbox - all at no added cost!

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How can I access Patreon-only content on the YouTube app?

Content creators who use Patreon to offer additional content to subscribers are increasingly becoming popular on YouTube. Patreon gives content creators a way to get paid by their viewers; fans gain access to exclusive posts and videos in return for their financial support. But how do users access this Patreon-only content on the YouTube app?

Fortunately, YouTube has taken notice of this type of content offerings and has made some advances that allow users to easily access Patreon-only content. On the YouTube app, go the Creator Studio page, select Creator Resources from the sidebar menu and select Patrons from the options provided. This will redirect you to a page which allows you to choose your patron-only content option. Your patrons can then be able to view these exclusive contents on your YouTube channels simply by logging in to their accounts through the app.

It should be noted that these exclusive contents can’t be seen as regular videos and must be accessed via a link that is generated by Patreon, which takes your viewers directly to their login page after clicking the link. This is why it is important for you as a creator and for viewers as patrons alike, making sure that your patreon contents are up-to-date for both desktop and mobile versions so that everything appears smoothly when clicked in the YouTube app on either device.

By taking advantage of these simple tools, accessing Patreon-only content is simple and straightforward on YouTube’s mobile app. The process may take some time initially but can help create an engaging interactive experience between Content Creators, Fans, Patrons while making sure they are fairly compensated for their works over time.

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Is there a way to watch Patreon-exclusive videos via the YouTube app?

Yes, it is possible to watch Patreon-exclusive videos via the YouTube app. YouTube has recently added a means for Patreon supporters to pledge dollars for special access to bigger creator’s channels. Patreon, the subscription-based platform designed for creators and their fans, now allows its patrons to pledge their support and receive exclusive rewards from their favorite content producers.

To access these exclusive videos via the YouTube app pledgers will be directed by the content producer to visit their Patreon page. They will need to log in and complete the setup process by entering a payment method. Once everything is entered, they will gain access to any locked content, which can then be viewed through the YouTube app.

The benefit of watching Patreon-exclusive videos via the YouTube app is that it enables customers who are already familiar with navigating within and using the platform for accessing other online content an easier mode of entry into an enriched experience. It also provides viewers with convenience, since many already utilize YouTube’s reliable streaming capabilities on a regular basis.

By successfully melding the two platforms together, YouTube developers have given supporters of creators everywhere a streamlined way of staying up-to-date with binges and exclusive series while using what they know best as they interact with past favorites while diving deep into lesser explored genres as well.

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How can I watch Patreon videos in the YouTube app?

Watching Patreon videos on the YouTube app is surprisingly straightforward. The key thing to remember is that most of the Patreon video content are actually hosted on YouTube and can be accessed through their app. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

First, click “Sign In” at the top right hand corner of the YouTube homepage. Then choose the “Sign in with Google” option and enter your Patreon account credentials. Next, open up and sign in to your Patreon account from the YouTube page. Once that's done, simply browse through your list of subscribed Patreon channels and begin watching Pattron videos just like any other regular YouTube contents!

To make it even easier to access your favourite content quickly, use YouTube's 'Add To Watch Later' or 'Add To Favourites' feature to quickly jump between your favourite creators' channels. That way you'll always have effortless access to that amazing conversation with your friend's podcast or the latest art project you've been looking forward!

Overall, staying up-to-date with all the great Patreon content doesn't have to be a chore any longer - using YouTube's app makes it easy for every fan to enjoy their favourite creators work at a moment notice!

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Related Questions

How do I make my videos play on Patreon?

Upload your videos to either the Vault or LiveCreator features on Patreon.

Why is my YouTube video unavailable in the Patreon app?

The video might not be public or available for embedding, which makes it unavailable in Patreon app.

How do I Make my YouTube videos available to patrons?

Enable monetization and apply an age restriction if relevant before setting videos as Public to make them available to patrons.

How do I whitelist my Video on Patreon?

Whitelist your domain URLon Patreon's website whitelist settings and re-embed the link onto updated posts/pages with the new whitelisted URL code fragment attached at the end of each link/URL.

How do I post a video on Patreon?

You can post a video by using media uploader from Vault Posts tool by clicking 'New Video Post'.

How do I connect my Vimeo account to Patreon?

Go to Creator Page Settings, select Vimeo as your streaming provider and connect your accounts via ‘Connect Accounts’ option under Streaming & Merchandise tab you will see in the sidebar menu options on the left side of page settings section after selecting Vimeo integration

Why are my YouTube videos not playing on Patreon?

Patreon does not currently provide access to YouTube videos.

Why is my YouTube video not available in my country?

YouTube may have restricted your video in certain countries due to copyright or other legal reasons it has in place.

How do I embed my Video on Patreon?

To embed a Video on Patreon you can use the Embed option from the left side of Video sections when creating or editing a post, then paste either YouTube or Vimeo link for your video there and save changes afterwards.

How do I set up Vimeo integration on Patreon?

On your Settings page, navigate to Integrations section and select Vimeo tab there to get instructions for setting up integration with that platform through OAuth system of authentication provided by them directly when finishing setup steps within their own interface (Not available at this time).

How to whitelist a webpage in chrome?

To whitelist a webpage in Chrome, open Chrome settings menu by clicking three dot icon at top-right corner of the browser window and click 'Site Settings.' Then click 'Add'. Enter which website URLs you want to block/whitelist followed by adding reason why they are being blocked/allowed as optional feature before saving changes made here accordingly (only available on mobile version).

How do I create a Patreon post?

To create a Patreon post go into My Posts tab then press ‘+ Create Post’ button located at the right side top part of its content window area opened right after pressing it successfully done so - fill out needed fields given based off Post Type selected choice & add any related media following description & preview parts optionally used while filling out all fields completely ready prior submission entering later long lastly following Preview screen looking over details regarding newly created post afterward as result rendered accumulated altogether once finished doing job ongoing uninterrupted progressing steadily presently instantly finish line happening now good luck

How can I view my video on Patreon?

Log in to your Patreon account and go to the content library, where you can find all of your video posts.

How do I post a video?

Go to your post creation page, upload or add a link to the video URL, then click publish.

Can I post a Vimeo video on Patreon?

Yes, you can post a Vimeo video on Patreon by copying the URL and adding it as a media source when creating a post.

How do I connect my social media networks to Patreon?

To connect social media networks with Patreon, first log in to settings and select which network you want connected under “Social Networks” tab followed by authenticating that channel through social provider links provided (eg Facebook).

What is Vimeo and how does it work?

Vimeo is an online platform that allows users to watch high-quality videos from creators around the world for free or paid subscription plans known as Vimeo PRO/Business accounts offering unlimited ad-free streaming capability plus more features like private projects & embedding options etc

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