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Does dollar general sell lemon juice?

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Author: Paul Hodges

Published: 2020-04-20

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Does dollar general sell lemon juice?

As of right now, Dollar General does not sell lemon juice. This may be due to the fact that Dollar General typically sells items in bulk and lemon juice is not a common bulk item. However, this does not mean that Dollar General will never sell lemon juice. If there is high customer demand for lemon juice, it's possible that the store will eventually start stocking it. So if you're looking for lemon juice, you may want to check back at Dollar General from time to time.

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Related Questions

What is the difference between lemon juice and concentrate?

Lemon juice is fresh squeezed from lemons, while concentrate contains lemon oil which gives it a stronger flavor.

How many tablespoons of concentrate in a lemon?

Three tablespoons of concentrate equals one lemon's juice.

Can you use concentrated lemon juice instead of lemon water?

It's important to note that using concentrated lemon juice in place of fresh lemon juice can lead to the development of cavities.

Is lemon concentrate stronger than fresh lemon juice?

On average, fresh lemon juice is about three times stronger than lemon concentrate.

What is the difference between fruit juice and concentrate?

Fruit juice is extracted from fresh fruit and concentrates are processed juices that have had their water content evaporated after extracting it from real fruit.

Is bottled lemon juice the same as fresh lemon juice?

Typically, bottled lemon juice is concentrated and has a stronger smell and taste than fresh lemon juice. However, the amount of concentrate should be equivalent in recipes if both are used.

How is concentrated lemon juice made?

Concentrated lemon juice is made by infusion of flavoring and coloring agents into a base of fresh lemon juice. Additives give it more tartness and a stronger smell. Sometimes, certain nutrients are infused into the concentrate, making it a richer source of such vitamins and minerals than natural lemons.

How much lemon concentrate equals one lemon?

Two tablespoons of bottled lemon juice equals one lemon.

How many tablespoons is a half lemon?

One half lemon has 1 tablespoon of juice.

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