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Are Lucien Piccard watches expensive?

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Published: 2019-07-06

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Are Lucien Piccard watches expensive?

Lucien Piccard, an iconic watchmaker, has been around since 1923 and has gained a reputation for intricate design, expert craftsmanship and luxurious jewellery. Many of their watches combine traditional watchmaking principles with modern materials, making them highly sought after. Despite the high quality of their designs and movements, the overall cost of a Lucien Piccard watch can vary considerably.

At the lower end of the range, it’s possible to purchase one of their watches quite cheaply. The company produces quartz and analog models which can provide years of use without breaking your budget. On the higher end of their range, however, you can find gorgeous luxury timepieces made from precious metals and stones which come with hefty price tags. Some select models climb into four-digit territory depending on features and design.

Whether you’re shopping for something simple or looking for a special heirloom piece, Lucien Piccard offers something for every budget and style. Do some research to determine what features you desire and compare prices to get an idea of what range fits your needs in terms of both quality and cost.

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What is the value of Lucien Piccard watches?

Lucien Piccard watches are true pieces of art. Not only are they well-crafted and expertly designed, but they also offer incredible resale value that has proven to be profitable throughout the years. With their elegant craftsmanship and eye-catching designs, Lucien Piccard watches convey a level of quality not often found in other watches, especially those at a more affordable price point.

The value of these watches lie not only within the aesthetic beauty, but in their impeccable quality as well. Lucien Piccard produces watches that can stand up to wear and tear with its stainless steel casing and scratch-resistant crystal face construction. Many models have also been designed with Swiss Automatic or Japanese Quartz Movement which helps them keep time much more accurately than any watch without the same movements. Not to mention the genuinely eye-catching design features on each watch from the use of diamonds to directional bezel settings on some models. The various features make each watch unique and stand out in a world full of forgettable designs from other manufacturers.

Finally, it’s worth noting that once you purchase a Lucien Piccard watch it will likely appreciate over time — making reselling it for far more than you paid for a viable alternative in many cases. Given the craftsmanship with which each piece is made coupled with their reputation as a premier luxury producer - Lucien Piccard watches can bring an incredible return when they’re traded on the pre-owned market — making them an even better value than when first purchased.

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How much is a Lucien Piccard watch worth?

A Lucien Piccard timepiece is an exceptional luxury watch with a remarkable reputation. Generally speaking, the value of a Lucien Piccard watch depends on several factors such as model, condition and rarity. For example, an original vintage 1950s-1960's chronograph could fetch up to $2,000 or more. If the timepiece was made in limited editions or even unique pieces like a limited edition Tourbillon with diamonds it could be worth substantially more. The 14-karat gold Lucien Piccard models with 22 jewels and gold cases can reach pricetags of above $500. Condition can also drastically impact the value of a Lucien Piccard watch. If the watch is in pristine condition and there are no scratches on its case, has its original warranty certificate, box and paperwork then it's valued between 10-20% higher than normal. On the other hand, if there is noticeable wear on the band or case then its value would be considerably lower. Additionally, if that particular model is renowned for having classic features it too will increase the monetary worth of a used watch significantly higher than other less popular models from years gone by. Overall, depending on what type of model you possess, your Lucien Piccard watch can range anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars or more - making it an great addition to any luxury watch collector’s arsenal!

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What is the resale value of Lucien Piccard watches?

The Swiss-made watches produced by Lucien Piccard are renowned for their exquisite quality and timeless elegance. The intricate craftsmanship and superb design qualities of a Lucien Piccard watch make them appealing to watch enthusiasts of all ages, which inevitably makes them desirable on the secondhand market.

When considering the resale value of a Lucien Piccard watch, several key elements are taken into consideration. One factor is the condition of the timepiece – minor wear and tear might detract from its value, while pieces that look almost new would likely fetch higher prices. Additionally, details such as the material composition of the watch – whether it is crafted in stainless steel or gold – are evaluated when determining its resale value.

Ultimately, what a buyer may be willing to pay for a pre-owned Lucien Piccard watch will depend on its specific model, condition, and market demand at any given time. Certain styles tend to be more coveted than others by collectors, so it’s important to do research on current selling prices so you can get an idea of how much these watches are worth in today’s marketplace. Additionally, certain factors such as whether or not it comes with original packaging or paperwork could influence its resell price.

On average, you can expect pre-owned men’s and women’s vintage models from the company to fetch around $400-$700 depending on the condition, style and age. Modern designs typically sell for more due to their contemporary features; however certain models are known to sell for much higher than this amount due their rarity or sentimental value. You can expect used titanium pieces with high-end complications to cost up to $1,500 or even more.

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Are Lucien Piccard watches highly sought after by collectors?

When it comes to collecting watches, Lucien Piccard has become highly sought after by collectors with an appreciation for fine art and quality craftsmanship. The company has been manufacturing exquisite timepieces since its founding in 1923, offering both pocket and wristwatches that are luxurious in design and timelessly elegant.

These watches feature a variety of features such as jeweled movements, precise timing mechanisms, decorative dials, and intricate patterns. Many collectors have come to appreciate the rich details and delicate workmanship that go into the design of these pieces. Additionally Lucien Piccard watches are well built with durable components and styles ranging from classics like the Elegante Chronograph collection to sportier models like the Executive Dual Time series.

The company is known for its ability to combine classic aesthetics with modern technology, making their products popular not only amongst watch enthusiasts but also casual wearers who prefer reliable timepieces that are sophisticated in look. Apart from their designs, potential buyers can also be assured of their reliability as each watch is manufactured with high-quality materials and tested individually for accuracy prior to shipping. With this combination of appeal and reliability, it’s no surprise that collector’s eagerly seek out Lucien Piccard watches.

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Related Questions

What is a Lucien Piccard watch?

A Lucien Piccard watch is a Swiss luxury watch brand, which produces classic and sophisticated timepieces with timeless designs.

Is Lucien Piccard a high-end brand?

Yes, Lucien Piccard is considered to be a high-end brand due to its quality craftsmanship and attention to detail in their watches.

Why do celebrities wear Lucien Piccard?

Celebrities wear Lucien Piccard watches because they are seen as a status symbol of success and sophistication that draw the eye with impressive features such as diamonds or sapphires while emanating an elegance appreciated by those in the public eye.

What makes the Lucien Piccard Matador collection so special?

The Matador collection from Lucien Piccard stands out for its unique design elements, such as hammered steel cases inspired by traditional bullfighting jewelry, bright colors on the face dials, and intricate detailing on each model's bracelet links or straps add personality beyond typical luxury watches'.

Who owns the Lucien Piccard brand?

The Lucien Piccard brand is owned by EganaGoldpfeil Ltd., a private company based in Hong Kong who has been producing affordable yet stylish timepieces since 1986..

Is Lucien Piccard good quality?

Yes, Lucien Piccard is good quality; they use materials like stainless steel or gold plating for durability and have multiple certifications from hallmarking agencies around the world ensuring consistent performance in time accuracy tests across all pieces within any given line of products released

What happened to Lucien Piccard?

Lucien Piccard was a Swiss watchmaker and jeweller that started making watches in 1923.

What makes Lucien Piccard unique?

Lucien Piccard is unique because its use of horlogerie blending materials from the ancient world with modern aesthetic.

When did Lucien Piccard use the dufonte Mark?

Lucien Piccard first used the dufonte mark in 1973 to distinguish their watches as having superior quality parts and craftsmanship, setting itself apart from other watch brands on the market today.

Who makes Lucien Piccard watches?

Lucien Piccard is currently owned by Invicta Watch Group which designs, manufactures, markets and distributes using high-quality Swiss movements for all of its products, including Lucien Piccard watches.

How long do Lucien Piccard watches last?

With regular maintenance and care, if looked after properly a Lucian Picard watch can last many years.

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