Why Does the Microwave Spin?

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Posted Nov 24, 2022

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The microwave spins to evenly cook food. If the microwave did not spin, the food would be cooked unevenly and would not taste as good. The microwave spins so that the microwaves can evenly distribute themselves throughout the food, cooking it evenly.

What would happen if the microwave didn't spin?

If the microwave didn't spin, the food would not be cooked evenly. This would lead to uneven heating and potentially burnt or raw food.

Does the speed of the microwave's spin make a difference in how well it cooks food?

Yes, the speed of the microwave's spin does make a difference in how well it cooks food. The faster the spin, the more evenly the food will be cooked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my microwave spin in the middle?

Microwave spinning helps to distribute the microwave's heat evenly.

How to fix a spinning microwave plate?

In most cases, a quick sponge-down of the microwave interior is a good solution for plate spinning problems. Especially if you remember to swipe underneath the plate as well as the easier to reach microwave surfaces.

What happens when a microwave motor goes out?

If your microwave motor goes out, the spin will slow down and fade over time. Sometimes you may notice an event of spin-resistance that directly damaged the motor.

Where is the turntable motor on a microwave?

The turntable motor is underneath the coupler at the center of the microwave’s floor.

Why is my microwave Turntable Not spinning?

There may be obstructions on the path of the turntable which stop it from spinning or make it jump around, this can cause uneven cooking of your food. To fix this issue, you will need to remove the microwave plate and inspect the roller and coupler below.

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