Where Can I Watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

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If you’re looking to watch the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show, you can’t go wrong with turning to the internet. Over the last few years, streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix have both picked up distribution rights to RHPS. Hulu has been streaming RHPS since November 2015, and Netflix since October 2016, giving viewers two excellent options for returning to this classic movie. Beyond those two streaming giants, there are some discussion forums and specialty sites that offer free viewing of the movie.

For a subscription-based option with either Hulu or Netflix, viewers will get access to both the 1975 movie from 20th Century Fox in its entirety as well as several bonus materials on related topics of discussion. This includes production featurettes on the making of the original film, interviews with cast and crew members and commentary with director-actor Richard O'Brian.

Of course, if you’re looking for a cheaper or even free alternative way to watch RHPS there are plenty of options at your fingertips. Some websites such as YouTube allow users to watch bootlegged versions of the movie for free by simply searching for “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” A more reliable but still free option is watching it through a subscription streaming service such as Tubi or Vudu - which offer several titles linked back directly from 20th Century Fox's catalog - or a basic cable channel such as Showtime which still regularly airs Rocky Horror during their annual late night spooky entertainment lineup every October leading up to Halloween

Which channels can I watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show on?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is an iconic 1975 musical film that continues to remain a cult classic. Over the years, it has become increasingly accessible to fans due to various streaming platforms and on-demand video services. In this blog post, we'll explore how you can watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show from the comfort of your home.

The first channel for viewers to tune in for the Rocky Horror Picture Show is Amazon. Amazon Prime Video currently carries the movie in both Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD). This gives viewers plenty of options when it comes to purchasing or renting access to the film. One thing to note is that a subscription may be required in order to view some content.

Next, viewers can also check out iTunes. Apple’s streaming platform offers both SD and HD versions of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and features a free trial period so potential customers can test out the service. Prices vary based on the quality of viewing experience chosen, but generally start around $3.99 for SD viewing.

If you're looking for The Rocky Horror Picture Show on a more traditional cable network, consider tuning into The Movie Channel or TV Land. Both outlets are available as premium cable channels with your provider's package offerings and typically show exclusive marathons throughout October in honor of Halloween and National Rocky Horror Month festivities.

Finally, if you're planning a Halloween viewing party with friends, or just want something different than what you normally get from TV networks and streaming services, consider checking out an Alamo Drafthouse theater near you! The theater chain regularly shows midnight screenings of the movie complete with props for audience members and special appearances from character impersonators at certain locations!

As you can see there are multiple ways for fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show to stay connected year-round without having to break the bank or travel great distances! Enjoy your movie night or monthly marathon with any one of these convenient options!

When does the Rocky Horror Picture Show air on TV?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is an iconic cult classic, and many fans look forward to watching it every year on television. If you’re one of those fans, you’ll be happy to know that it airs a few times each year, so you’ll never have to miss it!

This year, the movie is airing on multiple networks in October for the Halloween season. In the United States, viewers can watch it on the IFC Channel on both Friday, October 11th at 10pm EST and Saturday, October 12th at 10pm EST. The UK will be broadcasting the movie at 1am on Sunday 13th October on Sky Arts TV. And Australia will air it at 8:45pm AEDT on Wednesday 16th October and again at 3am AEDT in the early morning hours of Thursday 17th.

Once you tune in, you can soak up all your favorite classic Rocky Horror scenes while singing along with their beloved tunes. This traditional air-time ensures that all fans have access to this cinematic gem annually during the holiday season!

Is the Rocky Horror Picture Show available for streaming?

Yes, the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show is now available to stream! The beloved film is touted as an outrageous, interactive, music-filled movie experience. Lovers of the time-warping performance can now indulge in flashback viewing of the original 1975 classic courtesy of multiple streaming platforms.

Platforms such as Amazon Prime, Showtime, and Apple TV offer streaming access to this popular musical. All have different subscription options so users can choose the best option for them and get ready to rock with Frank N. Furter and his gang of misfits.

Not only can viewers watch it but they may enjoy it with a variety of interactive goodness through the official Rocky Horror Picture Show App for iOS and Android devices. The app allows viewers to follow along live with callbacks and familiar quotes from the audience participation version fans know and love. It also serves as a comprehensive guide to costumes, props, makeovers and so much more! By using this interactive offering alongside streaming sessions, fans will really be able to immerse themselves in this surreal world of Rocky Horror favorites.

It’s no wonder that this beloved musical continues to stand out decades later - from its iconic performances by Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon as Dr Frank N Furter and Janet Weiss respectively, renowned soundtrack full of some unforgettable singalong songs - though that is literally what their purpose is - to movies like "The Rocky HorrorShow". Now viewers—newbies or seasoned pros—can watch Rocky Horror Picture Show anytime they desire with all of its innovative interactive offerings available through various streaming platforms. It's definitely something worth celebrating!

Is the Rocky Horror Picture Show available in any movie theatres?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult classic musical horror film, released in 1975 and based on the British musical stage play of the same name. It has gained a dedicated fan following over the years, particularly due to its showings in midnight movie theatre screenings where audience participation was part of the experience. So is it still available in theatres? The answer is yes!

The film continues to be popular with regular showings at cinemas all over the world, including many independent and small-budget theatres that specialize in midnight movie showings for passionate fans. In addition, larger cinema chains will sometimes hold special Rocky Horror Picture Show marathons that involve multiple consecutive screenings of the film and related activities such as costume contests or trivia challenges.

If you're interested in a theatrical screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, there have never been more opportunities than ever before. Simply search online for your nearest participating theatre or event using your city as a search parameter. With so many different ways to view this cult classic horror musical, many fans are eager to experience it again -- or for the very first time!

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