Where Can I Watch I Am Number Four?

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I Am Number Four is an action packed science fiction movie starring Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, and Dianna Agron. The movie follows John Smith, an alien being that comes to earth to hide from murderous enemies chasing him. Throughout the entire movie, there are twists and turns as John struggles to find out his place in the universe, all while staying alive.

If you’re looking for where to watch this movie and don’t have access to your usual streaming service options, never fear. There are plenty of ways to watch I Am Number Four.

First and foremost, you can purchase or rent the movie from a variety of online streaming outlets. Apple TV, Prime Video, Microsoft Store, Google Play Movies & TV, YouTube Movies & Shows, Redbox DVD Rental ENCORE Play are all options that offer this film for purchase or rent at a reasonable price.

In addition to traditional streaming services, you can subscribe to dedicated video on-demand channels such as Amazon Channel or Netflix to watch I Am Number Four instantly. All these services provide the ability to quickly locate this movie with ease and convenience – just type in I Am Number Four in the search bar and it will show up right away!

T-mobile customers also have access to an exclusive T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion which allows them watch I Am Number four without a subscription. All they need do is download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app on their device and they will be able to watch this exciting sci-fi action film in no time!

With all these options available for watching I Am Number 4 available around us today, it's never been easier (or cheaper) for fans of this science fiction adventure film! So whether you’re looking for a wayto catch up with John Smith’s adventures or just rewatch it again with friends - now you know where to go!

Where can I stream I Am Number Four?

I Am Number Four is an action-packed sci-fi thriller that's sure to please any movie buff. It follows John Smith, a human-alien hybrid on the run from relentless alien pursuers. Watching it is an exciting journey that leads viewers to a shocking conclusion.

If you want to watch this cinematic classic, you can stream it on several popular platforms. The easiest option is to rent it through YouTube or Google Play, as both have single-rental prices and both cost only $2.99 USD. Vudu and Prime Video are slightly more expensive options but they often have deals and discounts active, so keep an eye out for those! Finally, if you live in the US you can also watch it on Netflix, with a valid subscription.

No matter which platform you choose to stream I Am Number Four from, you're in for a treat; the movie has all of the thrilling action sequences and suspenseful moments one expects from a great Sci-Fi movie - and with stunning CGI effects too! When you're done streaming it be sure to check out its two sequels as well; many consider these two installments to be even better than I Am Number Four!

Is I Am Number Four available on Netflix?

I Am Number Four is not currently available on Netflix, though it remains a popular action movie from 2011. Fans of the movie may be disappointed that I Am Number Four is not currently available to stream, but there are still some great alternatives for those looking for similar films.

From its intriguing storyline to its special effects, I Am Number Four was a huge hit at the box office. The film follows John Smith, an extraterrestrial teenager who must keep his identity safe while fighting off an enemy species –all while navigating high school and falling in love. Despite the thrilling plot, I Am Number Four ultimately faced stiff competition from other movies and did not have wide appeal among viewers.

Though fans may be disappointed that I Am Number Four is not currently streaming on Netflix, there are plenty of alternative science fiction films on the platform with characters in similarly suspenseful and mysterious situations. For example Inception is full of thrilling chase scenes and intense showdowns. The film follows Dom Cobb who leads a team of experts through a dangerous world of dreams to steal secrets from their targets’ subconscious for corporate espionage purposes - though few viewers know what Dom is really up to until the grand reveal in the end of the movie.

Netflix offers several other sci-fi films with suspenseful storylines and characters in mysterious situations that offer a similar entertainment experience as I am Number Four would give viewers. Any sci-fi movie fan missing out on I Am Number Four can find plenty of enjoyment through these other exciting films streaming on Netflix.

Is I Am Number Four available on Hulu?

I Am Number Four is a science fiction action film released in 2011 that follows the story of an exiled alien warrior. While I Am Number Four is a well-loved cult classic, the answer to the question of whether or not it is available on Hulu depends on where you live. In some regions--like the United States and Canada--the movie is available for streaming through Hulu's subscription service. Unfortunately, if you live in certain other countries such as France or India, I Am Number Four isn't offered at all on the platform yet.

But even if viewers can't find I Am Number Four on Hulu in their area, there are still ways to watch it--the movie is available for rent or purchase on many streaming services like YouTube and Google Play Movies, as well as via satellite Sky TV or traditional cable subscriptions in some areas. Fans might also want to check their local DVD rental store for a physical copy; this allows for extra bonus features that aren't normally included with digital downloads. Puerly from a streaming perspective, viewers should consult their local streaming services options to see if and where they can watch I Am Number Four.

Can I rent I Am Number Four on Amazon Prime?

Renting the movie 'I Am Number Four' on Amazon Prime is possible for those wanting to watch the science fiction thriller. The film follows the journey of John Smith, an alien from the planet Lorien, as he hides from enemy forces on Earth.

In order to rent 'I Am Number Four' on Amazon Prime, you will first need to be an Amazon Prime member. With that membership you can then access their video streaming service, which includes TV series and movies like 'I Am Number Four.' Once you find the movie within Amazon Prime Video, simply pay the rental rate and begin streaming or downloading. If you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick then you also can rent and view it directly on your television set for a more immersive experience.

In addition to being able to rent 'I Am Number Four' from Amazon Prime Video, it is also available for purchase digitally if you want a more permanent collection option. Purchasing the movie digitally at Amazon would allow it to be tied permanently to your account and available to view any time at no extra cost. That's great if watching this film more than once is your goal!

What websites offer I Am Number Four for viewing?

When it comes to watching the popular film I Am Number Four, you have plenty of websites to choose from. Some of the most common streaming services offer I Am Number Four for viewing, including Amazon, Netflix and Hulu. Each site offers their own unique features when you watch I Am Number Four, with some giving you access to a plethora of additional features with your purchase or subscription.

Amazon offers excellent pricing for streaming films and shows in high-definition. With one rental of I Am Number Four you get access to audio in a variety of languages, deleted scenes and many more special features that aren’t available on other streaming platforms.

Netflix is popular among avid film-watchers because it has good selection of films and shows at no extra cost after subscribing due to the streaming service’s large library. With Netflix, you can enjoy watching I Am Number Four for unlimited viewing anytime and anywhere on an array of devices such as smart TVs and smartphones.

Finally, Hulu is a great alternative to Amazon and Netflix if you tend to watch recently released films or TV shows from major networks like ABC or NBC as they become available. Many times they offer episodes that were released earlier that day on their network, so watching enough episodes will make you feel as if you’re right by the movie set! And yes, Hulu provides access to movies like I Am Number Four at a very reasonable price – just make sure there is no additional fee charged for your selection before you hit “start streaming”!

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