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If you’re looking for a classic holiday movie to watch, look no further than Gremlins. This comedy-horror hybrid movie has been a favourite of children and adults alike for decades, in part due to its clever mix of fun and scares. But with streaming services like Netflix gaining in popularity, where can viewers watch this 80s cult classic?

For those with an Amazon Prime membership, Gremlins can be rented or purchased on the Amazon Video store. Be sure to grab yourself some popcorn while you are there! The movie is also available on iTunes Video and Google Play Movies & TV. If you just want to stream it and not own a copy, several subscription streaming services offer it – Vudu, YouTube Movies, and Hoopla all have it available.

Those without subscription streaming services can watch Gremlins online via Fandango Now with a one-time purchase fee or rental fee as well. Lastly, The Roku Channel offers the movie for free streaming if viewers have a Roku device. It can also be found ad-supported on TubiTV and PlutoTV as of this writing.

So when it comes to viewing the iconic Gremlins movie from the 1980s, your options are plentiful! With such an abundance of options now available for easily watching movies without leaving home – almost anyone can jump into this holiday classic without any hassle.

Where can I find Gremlins streaming?

For those new to the world of cinematography, Gremlins is a 1984 horror comedy film directed by Joe Dante that follows a little man-like creature known as a "mogwai" whose care comes with strict rules in order to prevent trouble. It was followed by a sequel a few years later, and both movies have since become cult classics of the horror/comedy genre.

Fortunately for all those looking for Gremlins streaming online, there are several options available. The easiest place to find these films is on the HBO Max streaming service – which includes both installments of the franchise – however, there are other sites such as Amazon Prime Video and iTunes that may also feature these beloved movies. Netflix also offers them frequently as part of its Featured Collection.

For those who don’t mind paying for their entertainment, buying digital versions of Gremlins or purchasing digital copies from Apple Movies is an option. Additionally, buying physical copies of the movie remain available in many major stores if one wanted to watch by themselves or at large get-togethers. Both Gremlins and its sequel are prime examples of classic horror/comedy hijinks – which any fan of funny creature flicks will enjoy – and with so many options available out there it's never been easier to find either movie streaming somewhere.

What channels are showing Gremlins?

Gremlins is a 1984 American fantasy comedy horror movie produced by Steven Spielberg, directed by Joe Dante and written by Chris Columbus. The movie follows Billy Peltzer as he encounters a mysterious creature that multiplies rapidly and creates havoc in his town of Kingston Falls. Since its release, Gremlins has become a cult classic with fans around the world. So where can you view this great film?

The first place to look for Gremlins is usually on streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, AppleTV+ or Amazon Prime Video. However, at the time of writing Gremlins is not available on any of these providers in the U.S., so your best bet is if you have cable TV and access to a VCR. The movie is often aired on channels such as TNT and AMC - the latter shows an annual Christmas marathon with the classic Gremlins films. Outside of cable TV, there are some great DVD/Blu-Ray releases for home viewing, including a new 4K Ultra HD release that was recently released to coincide with the franchise’s 35th anniversary.

For those who prefer digital downloads, there are lots of options available online too. As well as iTunes and Google Play Movies & TV, there are several other sites you can use to purchase or rent digital copies of the film – including Vudu and Microsoft – plus most retailers that sell physical media also provide digital versions too (such as Best Buy). Depending on where you live in the world there may also be regional services worth exploring too.

Does Netflix have Gremlins?

Netflix does have Gremlins, and it is a great way to enjoy this classic movie from your home. First released back in 1984, Gremlins follows a young man named Billy Peltzer as he receives an unusual pet from his father. Little does he know the furry creature has some special abilities that turn it into a mischievous gremlin when exposed to water or fed after midnight.

Directed by Joe Dante and produced by Steven Spielberg, Gremlins is an iconic cult-classic full of hilarious mishaps as the titular gremlins terrorize the city at night. The film spawned two sequels and even inspired an animated series in 1992. You can find all three of the Gremlins films on Netflix.

If you like madcap comedies full of craziness and mayhem, you’ll love watching Gremlins on Netflix. It's nice to see the movie still holds up after so many years with its timeless humor. Plus, if you have kids, they’ll appreciate seeing it too - although maybe slightly terrified! So grab your popcorn and some snacks and settle in for some classic 80s nostalgia that only Gremlins can provide!

Is Gremlins available on Hulu?

Gremlins, the 1984 horror comedy film by acclaimed director Joe Dante, has recently seen a major resurgence in mainstream popularity. The film and its creature designs have been referred to both admirably and critically throughout the years, with the film even inspiring two sequels decades later. Fans of Gremlins will be pleased to know that the smash hit is now available on Hulu, enabling them to breathe new life into an old classic.

Gremlins was initially released in theaters in 1984 and made waves among fans for its comedic approach to horror elements such as violence and creature designs. The film has left a lasting impression on people of all ages, enjoying renewed interest as more mainstream films utilizing horror themes begin to appear. Watching Gremlins can give viewers a chance to understand why films such as it were so groundbreaking in their day, why they continue to be popular decades later, and what elements of horror films really draw viewers in.

While Hulu does have the original Gremlins avaliable for streaming, viewers may also be interested in "Gremlins 2: The New Batch". This 1990 sequel was written by Charlie Haas and stars Zack Galligan reprising his role from the original movie as well as several new actors including John Glover and Robert Prosky. It is just as entertaining, if not moreso, than its predecessor with additional humorous characters and situations added to further add fleshing out the world built around these furry little troublemakers. Be sure to take a deep trip down memory lane with both films now that Gremlins is available on Hulu!

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