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If you love classic 80s movies, then “Born in East LA” is an absolute must-watch. It tells the story of an American-born Mexican man who gets mistakenly detained and sent to Mexico without any ID or money. The comedic film follows his incredible journey back to the U.S. again, as he learns about his heritage and the challenges of living illegally in this country.

Luckily, the movie has been released on multiple platforms so you can watch it from the comfort of your own home anytime you want. The most popular platforms for streaming "Born in East LA" include Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and YouTube Movies. Prime Video includes a basic rental option where you can pay $3.99 to watch the movie for 48 hours or purchase it for $9.99 to own indefinitely. iTunes also offers rent or buy options starting at $2.99 and $11.99 respectively, while YouTube Movie’s versions start at just $2-$3 with a variety of lower cost purchase options as well.

You can also find physical copies of “Born in East LA” online through sites like eBay and Amazon, or at select video stores that still sell DVDs/Blu-rays (some even offer digital downloads with select copies). Or, if you want add a little fun nostalgia to your movie night, rent an “old school” VHS from sites like Vudu; just be sure that whichever copy you buy is compatible with your DVD player (most US and Canadian versions are).

No matter how you decide to watch it, “Born in East LA” promises to leave you with a smile on your face when it's all said and done!

What streaming service has Born in East LA?

Netflix is the best streaming service to watch the cult classic 1988 comedy-drama film "Born in East LA". Written and directed by Cheech Marin, the movie follows Rudy, a Mexican-American man who gets accidentally deported to Mexico when he cannot produce a US passport or citizenship papers.

Rudy’s comic misadventures make for an uproariously funny yet moving movie, blending elements of slapstick comedy with social commentary. It establishes Cheech Marin as a director to be reckoned with and brought him nationwide acclaim. It stars both Cheech Marin and Paul Rodriguez as Rudy, along with Kamala Lopez, Danielle von Zerneck, Daniel Stern and others.

You can watch “Born in East LA” on Netflix for a small fee. This streaming service features an impressive library of older films like this one which you won’t find anyplace else. The platform also offers a remarkable selection of Mexican films, giving viewers access to stories they won't find anywhere else. Plus, Netflix’s easy-to-use platform allows users to easily stream their favorite content in high definition quality.

So if you're looking for a fun, fast-paced comedy movie with cultural relevance and powerful messages that will have you laughing throughout, look no further than "Born in East LA". With Netflix at your fingertips bringing it right into your living room – it's never been easier to experience this cult classic!

How can I find Born in East LA online?

Finding the 1987 hit “Born in East LA” online is easy. The song was written, composed, and performed by accomplished musician Cheech Marin and became an instant classic. It has featured in numerous movies and pop culture moments, even spawning a movie franchise of its own many years later.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to find the song online. Firstly, streaming services such as Spotify have the studio version on their library—simply search “Born In East LA” and it will be easy to access. Additionally, for audiophiles looking for a live performance version of the track, YouTube is always a reliable source given the sheer amount of covers and fan submissions that are available on the platform. However, if you want to purchase the track outright to add it to your music library then iTunes or Amazon provide simple access to the song.

In conclusion, finding “Born in East LA” online is simple given how popular of a piece it is they are many sources offering various resolutions. Streaming services provide access to lossless versions of this classic as do digital music stores such as iTunes and Amazon so that you can own a copy of your own.

Where can I rent Born in East LA?

If you’re looking to rent Born in East LA, your best bet is to turn to the Internet. Netflix, Hulu and other video-on-demand services are a great option as they offer an easy and affordable way to stream this classic movie right onto your TV, laptop or phone. But why stop there? You’ll find a number of websites that allow you to purchase or rent physical copies of Born in East LA. Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble and other major retailers are great sources for renting the DVD or Blu-ray version of this cult classic.

Itching for something even more interactive? Consider checking out any local video rental stores that may be in your area. Though many have since gone out of business due to streaming services, some independent stores still exist for those who like the experience of browsing through titles on physical shelves. And if you really can’t find what you need locally, many mom-and-pop rental stores will even ship out titles from their catalogues with just a few days’ notice—Born in East LA very likely included! Don’t forget about libraries as well; if you have a membership card number with them due to another institution, you’re sure to find films like this for rent.

Is Born in East LA available on Netflix?

Is Born in East LA available on Netflix? The short answer is no, this cult classic film from 1987, written and directed by Cheech Marin, is not available to watch on Netflix.

That's a bit of a bummer because this mockumentary starring the legendary comedian was well-received by critics, who cited its sharp wit and insightful commentary on cultural identity post-Latin Boom. It follows Rudy (played by Marin) who lives in East LA, and when stopped by police mistakenly thinks he is being deported. After an adventure across the border to Tijuana he must find his way back home.

Netflix might not offer Born in East LA specifically, but if you are looking for similar films full of lighthearted comedy with a thought provoking message, there are plenty of choices streaming right now. If you’re looking for more laughter about uprooting one's life in pursuit of the American Dream – Desperado (1995), Mi Familia (1995) and El Mariachi (1992) are just a few titles that come to mind. If you're wanting more root-for-the underdog stories reminiscent of Rudy's epic return home – try A Better Life (2011), La Mission (2009) or even the inspirational family drama Real Women Have Curves (2002).

These films will evoke the same warmth and good spirit as Born in East LA does as it takes its audience on an unforgettable journey through culture outside traditional narrative boundaries.

Can I buy Born in East LA digitally?

The answer to the question “Can I buy Born in East LA digitally?” is yes! Born in East LA is an iconic 1987 movie directed by Cheech Marin starring himself as an unlucky Mexican-American man who accidentally gets deported to Mexico. It is a comedy classic from a simpler time and remains highly sought after.

Finding a digital version of the movie can be tricky however. Thanks to streaming technology there are many ways you can now find classic films for purchase, such as streaming services like Prime Video and Netflix, or downloading–depending on what works best for you. When it comes to Born in East LA however, digital downloads are limited and you need to shop around to find what’s right for you. Depending on your region the original VHS may be available on eBay or even through Amazon but with no guarantee they’ll work!

Another option is iTunes, where you can buy digital versions of Born in East LA – so that’s another thing to explore depending on what works best for your needs. One thing is certain though – with some digging, patience and perseverance, finding classic films such as Born in East LA digitally has never been easier!

Is there an official website for Born in East LA?

The cult classic comedy film, Born in East LA, was released in 1987 and quickly became a beloved classic. Since then generations of fans have been asking where they can buy merchandise, watch the movie online, or find out info on upcoming screenings or showings. While there is no official “Born in East LA” website, there are ways to stay connected and share the movie's legacy with other fans.

For starters, there is an unofficial Facebook page for the movie. This page features regular interactions from Born in East LA fans from all over the world sharing their appreciation for the movie, jokes and updates about popular culture trends like memes related to the movie. Additionally, this page offers posts about news related to Born in East LA screenings at local theatres when they're available.

On top of that, you can also find rare memorabilia on eBay and other auction sites. Items such as soundtracks and DVDs are available though it may not be easy to find obscure items like vintage clothing with slogans from the movie or rare cups and mugs with the logo of the fictional gang The Westside Locos from Born in East LA on them.

So while there may not be a single specific website dedicated solely to Born in East LA, connecting with fellow fans through an unofficial Facebook page or searching for memorabilia on auction sites offers an entertaining way for fans to share their love for this comedy classic and keep its memory alive.

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