What to Mix Apple Ciroc With?

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Coconut water, cranberry juice, seltzer water, lemonade, ginger ale, and green tea are all excellent mixers for Apple Ciroc. For something a little different, try mixing it with apple juice or pear juice. If you want a cocktail that's a little more on the festive side, mix Apple Ciroc with cranberry juice and a splash of ginger ale.

What are some good mixers for apple ciroc?

There are many good mixers for apple ciroc. Some popular mixers include cranberry juice, ginger ale, and lemon-lime soda. Apple ciroc can also be mixed with vodka to make a delicious cocktail.

How do you make a apple ciroc martini?

There are a few ways to make an apple ciroc martini, but the most common way is to combine apple ciroc, apple cider, and lemon juice in a shaker filled with ice. Shake the ingredients well and then strain into a chilled martini glass.

How do you make a apple ciroc cosmopolitan?

Ingredients: 1.5 oz. Apple Ciroc .5 oz. cranberry juice .5 oz. triple sec Shake all ingredients with ice, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

How do you make a apple ciroc mule?

Assuming you would like a recipe for an Apple Ciroc Mule:

Ingredients: 1.5 oz Ciroc Apple .35 oz Lime juice 6 oz Ginger beer

Instructions: 1. Combine Ciroc Apple and lime juice in a copper mule mug. 2. Fill the rest of the way with ginger beer. 3. Garnish with an apple slice (optional). 4. Enjoy!

How do you make a apple ciroc margarita?

There are a few different ways that you can make an apple ciroc margarita. One way is to simply blend apple ciroc, lime juice, and ice in a blender. If you want a sweeter margarita, you can add in a little bit of simple syrup. For a truly unique margarita, you can rim the glass with cinnamon sugar. To do this, simply wet the rim of the glass with lime juice and then dip it in a shallow dish of cinnamon sugar.

What is the best way to drink apple ciroc?

There are many ways to drink apple ciroc, but the best way is to drink it neat or on the rocks. This allows the full flavor of the apple ciroc to come through and allows you to enjoy the drink slowly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to drink Ciroc and lemonade?

To enjoy a Ciroc and lemonade cocktail, simply combine ingredients in a highball glass filled with ice. Then, garnish with a lemon wheel.

What are the best Ciroc cocktails?

There are a number of different Ciroc cocktails to choose from. Some great options include the LOLA, which is made with CÎROC Vodka, Pomegranate Juice and Elderflower Liqueur; or the The Dude leaning on the perfect white-linen sofa, with CÎROC vodka, Beefeater Gin, Sweet and Sour Mix and lemon wedge. If you're looking for something a little more creative, try mixing in a moveable addition like chocolate drops or scorpion venom into your drink. And no matter what you decide to mix it with, remember: enjoy your cocktail responsibly!

What goes well with Apple Ciroc?

Apple Ciroc is best enjoyed with light and refreshing flavors, so pairing it with Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon or Double Dutch Ginger Beer is perfect!

What does Ciroc Apple vodka taste like?

Ciroc Apple vodka is a smooth and refreshing spirit that tastes predominantly like apple.

What to drink with apple cider?

If you're looking to enjoy this drink with something else, consider pairing it with a piece of apple pie or some hearty no-fuss fare like shepherd's pie.

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