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Tonight's Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) card showcases a double header of title fights. The first matchup of the night is a welterweight unification bout between reigning champion Kamaru Usman, the Nigerian Nightmare, and his rival Gilbert Burns, the Durinho. The second fight will be between the current middleweight title holder Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori, who recently put on quite a performance against Jack Hermansson.

The main card gets started at 10PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). A four-fight prelim card also precedes, kicking off at 7 PM EST exclusively on ESPN+. That's followed by the main-card premier at 10 pm EST on ESPN+ and ESPN Pay-Per-View.

To get the most out UFC viewers will need to spring for some combination of ESPN+ and Pay-Per-View. However for those who just want to check out some of tonight’s action without having to commit too much cash can tune in at 10 PM EST on ESPN2 when it picks up with prelims leading into the Usman vs Burns fight.

Whichever viewing option you choose ultimately depends on how much you value exclusivity and your budget today. Either way UFC tonight promises to be an exciting night full of excellent matchups that viewers won't want to miss!

What channel is the UFC broadcasting on tonight?

Tonight, viewers across the world can tune in to watch the latest UFC broadcast on their favourite pay-per-view channel. Depending on which region you are located in, there are different options for catching the action.

If you are located in the United States, Canada, or the UK the UFC is available exclusively on ESPN+ for PPV. You can purchase access to the event through either your ESPN+ account online or within streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV. To access these services, simply search for "ESPN" within your streaming service of choice and select the pay-per-view package of your desired event.

For viewers living outside of North America, Latin America and India, you can purchase access to UFC events through specific cable packages. Users living in Brazil have access to FOX Premium and users in Australia get access through their Main Event channel provided by Foxtel. Additionally, many international countries will have broadcasts available via Fight Sports who specialize in combat sports broadcasting.

UFC fans around the world now no longer need to miss a single minute of action! Whether you live stateside or on a different continent, with today’s modern technology you can purchase access to your favorite UFC events without ever leaving home - enjoy!

What weight class is fighting in the main event tonight?

Tonight will be a memorable night for fight fans, as the main event of the card will feature two of mixed martial arts’ biggest and most fearsome stars. These warriors fought courageously in their respective weight classes to rise to the top and will now face each other in one of the most anticipated matchups of all time.

So which weight class will these two be fighting in? The answer is featherweight – the lightest of the UFC’s official classes with a limit from 126 lbs to 145 lbs. Known for its speed and technicality, fighters in this particular weight class typically focus on using movements like quick strikes and agile dodges to get the victory. Although it does have its heavier fighters, featherweight is especially known for those who rely on their technical expertise and athleticism more than their sheer strength or power.

In tonight’s main event, expect no shortage of flashy strikes, dynamic submissions attempts and crowd-pleasing showboating as this highly touted matchup promises plenty of great action. Let’s just hope that no matter who wins in the end, that they both emerge victorious after this thrilling bout. Tune in tonight to see what happens!

How can I watch the UFC fight tonight?

Tonight's UFC fight promises to be a can't-miss event for fans, so if you're looking for a way to tune in, you've come to the right place. Luckily, access to the fight is easier than ever before; there are plenty of convenient ways to make sure that you don't miss a single moment of the thrilling action.

For those with cable TV or a streaming service provider that includes pay-per-view events, you can order the fight as usual. Many popular streaming services such as Hulu Live TV, Sling TV and YouTube TV have PPV packages available if needed. Simply sign into your account provider and purchase the fight.

Those without cable TV or PPV options don't have to worry - streaming options exist outside of traditional routes as well. The official UFC website offers an exclusive live stream of tonight's fight; just subscribe with an email address or Facebook account and tickets can be purchased within minutes. Through the UFC account, users can access live streams of the fights on connected devices such as Smart TVs, computers, tablets and mobile phones. UFC also has greenlit multiple apps that ensure easy access on myriad devices - Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One and more offer apps where fans can stream the same content through their own platforms.

No matter which device or platform you choose to watch on, tonight's UFC fight promises to be an amazing event with plenty of thrills and exciting bouts! Whether you watch through traditional pay-per-view or opt for a streaming option, make sure not to miss a second of all the action!

What is the start time of the UFC fight tonight?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the world’s most well-renowned Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting league, with millions of passionate fans from all over the globe tuning in for their various fights each week. The UFC has put forth numerous main events for their fans to enjoy, with their latest fight occurring tonight.

So, what time does the fight begin? Tonight’s UFC fight will start at 8 pm Eastern Time/5 pm Pacific Time. If you aren’t able to watch it live, replays will be available for viewing on ESPN+. For supplemental awareness about this epic showdown, UFC's official website is always a great source to check out.

The UFC main event tonight features two top contenders, who will be battling it out in the octagon. With upcoming title implications and fierce competition between these two opponents, it should make for an exciting and entertaining show. Viewers can expect plenty of action packed drama as they witness an explosive battle to find out who will be hailed as the ultimate victor of this fight.

Make sure to keep your schedules clear and don’t miss out on all of the live UFC excitement kicking off tonight at 8 pm Eastern Time/5 pm Pacific Time!

What city is the UFC fight taking place in tonight?

Tonight, one of the most hotly anticipated Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) events of the year is taking place in Las Vegas. Vegas is no stranger to hosting UFC events and offers the perfect environment for a night of electrifying live matches. With some of the best fighters in the world squaring off in the T-Mobile Arena, fans from all four corners of the globe will be on hand to witness this incredible spectacle.

Las Vegas has long been associated with boxing and boasts many famous fight related landmarks, including several places connected to “The Greatest”, Muhammad Ali. No other city can come close to offering Las Vegas’ iconic fight night atmosphere; fans are wowed not just by UFC events but also by local bands providing pre-match entertainment, awe inspiring art installations and mouth watering food options in multiple venues across town.

But it’s not just about having fun: Nevada State Athletic Commission is regarded as one of the best regulatory bodies in professional sports; they go above and beyond to ensure the legitimacy and fairness of every single match without fail. Therefore, whether you will be attending tonight's fight or watching it on TV, rest assured that only the toughest, most deserving fighter will take home the gold belt. So get yourself ready for an unforgettable evening ahead - Las Vegas style!

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