What Date Is the Game Mexico Vs Guatemala?

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The big matchup between Mexico and Guatemala is set for Friday, October 11th, 2019. This game is a critical one as it acts as a qualifier for the CONCACAF Nations League. It will be played in Mexico’s Estadio Azteca, one of the greatest and most iconic soccer stadiums in the region.

The rivalry between Mexico and Guatemala is well established, with both sides looking to gain the advantage. Guerrero and Peralta have been leading Mexico’s attack for years now, while Guatemala will be relying on Rodriguez to keep their hopes alive. Both teams are coming off World Cup qualifying campaigns that ended in heartbreak, so they’ll be eager to get into some form and start dominating again.

The atmosphere around this match promises to be electric as both countries take great pride in their national squads. Supporters from both home nations can expect an intense back-and-forth between players determined to restore their pride within their own country. We urge all viewers at home to make sure they have marked this grand occasion on their calendars, as it promises to be an unmissable game for fans of Mexican and Guatemalan football alike! No doubt about it — Friday night's showdown between Mexico and Guatemala is certain to provide soccer fans with an edge-of-your-seat spectacle that cannot be missed!

What channel is the broadcast of the Mexico vs Guatemala game on?

The highly anticipated game between Mexico and Guatemala is set to make waves in the world of football. Fans are eagerly awaiting to experience the battle between these two world powers and cheer on their teams to victory. The match will be broadcast live so viewers can enjoy every moment of the thrilling match-up.

The broadcast of this Mexico vs Guatemala matchup will be airing on Fox Sports 2 and Fox Deportes. These networks promise a comprehensive coverage of all the action happening on the field. Viewers will be able to watch in pristine HD quality as they witness one of the fiercest rivalries in international soccer unfold right before their eyes. There will also be comprehensive commentary, analysis and exclusive interviews delivered by expert pundits that provides viewers with an in-depth look into this epic matchup.

In addition, viewers can also stream this game online through streaming services like FuboTV and NBC Sports Live. Conveniently, these services provide multiple devices support, thus allowing fans to watch the match on-the-go from their phone or tablets anytime, anywhere with internet access. So, whether you’re at home lounge comfortably or sitting at a café sipping your favorite beverage, you can catch all the action live without missing out!

Make sure you don’t miss out on this highly anticipated match - tune in to Fox Sports 2 or Fox Deportes to catch all the thrilling action!

What was the final score of the Mexico vs Guatemalagame?

The Mexico vs Guatemala game that took place on Monday, October 8th proved to be an exciting match with an exciting ending. Guatemala was able to hold off a dominant Mexican attack and come away with a 2-1 victory.

The first Mexican goal came at the beginning of the second half, when Eduardo Ignacio broke open the Guatemalan defense to give Mexico a lead. However, Guatemala were able to equalize in the 65th minute, when Cristian Ruiz sent in a beautiful low shot into the bottom right corner of the net. The goal sent spirits soaring and nearly secured them a point against their North American counterpart.

But it was not to be that simple - in extra time, Los Aztecas were given one last chance to win the match. Substitute striker, Luis "El Niño" Trejo, seized his opportunity and made sure any momentum gained by Guatemala was over as fast as it had come. An amazing volley from outside of the box left Guatemalan keeper Julian Meran completely helpless – Mexico had scored again! The game ended with a 2-1 victory for Mexico – an amazing result for Los Aztecas!

Fans of both teams enjoyed an unforgettable match – despite not being able to attend in person due to pandemic restrictions. Fans around North America are sure to remember this memorable match between these two sides for years to come!

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