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Bahama Breeze is a popular chain of restaurants that serves up delicious island-style cuisine such as seafood, steaks, and tropical drinks. If you're looking for great food and drinks at an exceptional price, then you should definitely check out Bahama Breeze's specials.

Bahama Breeze regularly has new specials throughout the week that offer amazing discounts and deals. Through their 'Catch of the Week' promotion, guests can enjoy a featured seafood entrée for a reduced price. They also have dinner for two specials that combines popular menu items like Caribbean Firecracker Shrimp and Isla's Coconut Coconut Shrimp with two sides such as mashed potatoes or garlic green beans and coconut flan dessert. On Wednesdays Bahama Breeze offers the 'Island Hopper Hour', during which cocktails, apps and select entrees are 25% off!

So if you're looking to get the most bang for your buck or just want to try something new on the menu, be sure to go online or give Bahama Breeze a call to find out all their current specials! You won't be sorry!

What days is Bahama Breeze Happy Hour?

Bahama Breeze Happy Hour is one of the most popular times to enjoy some discounted drinks, appetizers and entrees. From Monday through Friday from 3 – 6 p.m. (local time) and 9 p.m. – close, you can head to your nearest location and have a great time with your friends or family! Choose between speciality tacos, fried shrimp tacos or empanadas for the appetizers, when it comes to drinks try a classic margarita or upgrade it with a signature flavor. Depending on your location you may find other menu items as part of Happy Hour that are unique to that specific location.

For those looking for authentic Caribbean cuisine Bahama Breeze provide just what you need to recreate the tastes of the islands right in your own city! From traditional Baha Fish Tacos to Jerk Chicken Mac & Cheese and their crowd favorite Chocolate Lava Cake their food made from scratch with fresh ingredients will truly give you an amazing dining experience. On top of that their incredible service team provides a warm welcome no matter what time you come in.

In conclusion head out on the weekdays for an amazing experience at Bahama Breezes's Happy Hour! Make sure to try their unique menu items that are always truly delicious and make sure you invite some friends along to share in this great experience with you.(Local time might vary depending on location).

What drinks are discounted during Bahama Breeze Happy Hour?

Happy hour at Bahama Breeze comes with no shortage of tempting and discounted drinks! From signature rum punches to classic tropical mai tais, this restaurant is a paradise for any cocktail enthusiast.

Not only are the options plentiful, but the prices are also heavily discounted during happy hour. Take advantage of $2 off draft beer, wine and frozen cocktails as well as mixed drinks like mai tais, Long Island Iced Teas, mojitos and margaritas. If you don’t want something so strong feast your eyes on the delicious selection of non-alcoholic beverages available too—such as strawberry basil lemonade and fizzy pineapple cider. And lastly, if you’re a real rum enthusiast why not order one of their signature rum punches complete with fruit garnishes?

Happy hour at Bahama Breeze really is a great way to satisfy your cocktail craving without busting your wallet in the process!

What food items are discounted during Bahama Breeze Happy Hour?

Happy hour at Bahama Breeze offers guests an opportunity to enjoy delicious Caribbean-inspired cuisine and cool drinks at discounted prices. During happy hour, the Bahama Breeze has a selection of discounted food items for those who are looking for lighter fare or snacks.

To get the most out of your experience, it’s important to know which items are discounted during their happy hour. Crowd favourites include crispy conch fritters served with remoulade sauce, classic jerk chicken wings with a pineapple chutney dip, and sandwiches like the classic Cuban made with slow-roasted pork, homemade ham, salami and Swiss cheese on Cuban bread. You can also indulge in a classic Bahama Breeze quesadilla stuffed with chicken, bacon, white cheddar and jack cheese – perfect for sharing!

For those looking for something on the lighter side or just starting their night out, Bahama Breeze also offers discounted salads like their Grilled Shrimp & Mango Salad which is made with marinated shrimp on a bed of flamingo pink tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet onions. Their Lobster BLT combines sweet Maine lobster meat with crispy bacon strips, ripe tomatoes and romaine lettuce topped off with a cilantro basil remoulade sauce – all served inside a caramelized plantain bowl!

All these discounts mean you can enjoy great meals at great prices. So don’t forget to stop by Bahama Breeze next time you plan your happy hour outing – you won’t regret it!

What time does Bahama Breeze Happy Hour start?

Bahama Breeze is a popular Caribbean-style restaurant chain known for its delicious cuisine and laid-back atmosphere. Many customers flock to Bahama Breeze for their Happy Hour specials, which are held twice daily and offer great deals on food and drinks.

Happy Hour starts at 4PM and lasts until 6:30PM every day, offering discounts of up to 25% off certain cocktails, beer and wine, select appetizers, sliders and desserts. With so many delicious foods to choose from, all moderately priced and discounted even further, it's easy to see why so many diners make Bahama Breeze a regular haunt.

The atmosphere at Bahama Breeze is always laid back with lively music accompanying members of staff clad in colorful island garb. The tiki-style decor adds extra ambiance to the restaurant's tropical vibe and helps to create a unique laidback atmosphere that's great for socializing with friends or a low-key date night.

Essentially then, Happy Hour at Bahama Breeze makes for a perfect evening that is sure to satisfy both your palate and wallet - start time is 4PM every day!

What time does Bahama Breeze Happy Hour end?

Happy Hour is an exciting time when you can get great deals on food and drinks. Getting the best timing to take advantage of this special deal can be tricky. When it comes to the popular restaurant chain, Bahama Breeze, knowing their specific Happy Hour schedule can give you the perfect opportunity to get in on those savings.

Happy Hour at Bahama Breeze runs every day from 3pm-6pm and then again from 9pm-11pm (in some locations). So, depending on your location and the particular restaurant, you can enjoy Happy Hour up until 11pm! During this time frame you will find discounted drinks including select margaritas and cocktails for about $4 - $6 each depending on your location. As for food prices, discount appetizers are available for about $3 - $5 each with a minimum purchase required at some locations.

When making plans with friends to get together for a night out at Bahama Breeze, make sure that you take note of their Happy Hour times so that you don’t miss out on all of these great deals. To answer the question of “what time does Bahama Breeze Happy Hour end?” The answer is typically 11 pm however this varies by location so be sure to check with your local restaurant before making any plans!

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