What Time Does Walmart Oil Change Open?

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Posted Jan 30, 2023

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Walmart is one of the biggest and most popular retail stores in the United States. With the convenience it provides from purchasing necessary products to completing minor repairs, Walmart has become a staple for many American families and individuals alike. When it comes to oil changes, Walmart is a great option for those who need a quick and easy service without breaking the bank. But you may be asking yourself...what time does Walmart oil change open?

Walmart offers comprehensive oil change services for just about any type of car or truck at all its locations. Generally, Walmart oil change hours vary from store to store, though most open between 7am and 8am in the morning and stay open until 8pm or 9pm in the evening. However, since stores differ, some may open earlier or close later than other locations, depending on the day. To double-check opening times even further, you can use Walmart's website or call your local store beforehand to confirm their operational hours.

When it comes to the actual oil change servicing itself, you’re likely looking at about 30 minutes for standard services - this varies depending on your specific vehicle and needs of course. If you're interested in more intensive services such as transmission flushes or additional filters etc., these can take more time to complete than lighter jobs, so always make sure you give yourself extra time if that's what you need!

In conclusion, Walmart oil change opening times generally range between 7am and 8am in the morning until 8pm and 9pm at night - however this may vary slightly from store location to store location so double-check with your own before heading out! As always when servicing your vehicle, make sure that you leave enough time for all required jobs and procedures so that everything runs smoothly!

What time does Walmart open for automotive services?

Walmart offers an impressive range of automotive services to its customers, and Walmart automotive center opening times vary from location to location. Many Walmart stores offer these services from 7:30 AM – 7 PM on weekdays and from 8 AM – 6 PM on Saturdays. Some locations may even offer extended hours for convenience. When you visit the Walmart website, enter your zip code into the store finder tool to get information on the specific store hours for automotive services in that area.

To maximize convenience, many locations with full-service automotive centers also offer a drive thru oil change option. This service allows you to get your car serviced without leaving the driver's seat. Drive thru oil changes are typically available before regular store opening times – usually around 7 AM or earlier depending on the store's location – and customers can fill out an online form prior to arrival in order to ensure faster service.

Walmart automotive centers also provide other services such as tire repair, wheel alignment, paintless dent removal, battery testing and replacement, auto detailing and more. Customers can also have their vehicles serviced or inspected while they shop by booking a drop-off appointment at select locations. Depending on your location, you may be able to use either the Walmart app or website to schedule a drop-off appointment at any time of day. With convenient services like these that are tailored to fit customers lifestyles and schedules, Walmart is making it easier than ever for customers to stay up-to-date with their car's maintenance needs.

At what time do Walmart auto service centers close?

At Walmart Auto Service Centers, the closing time varies by location. Many of the Auto Service Centers are open 7 days a week, but the hours of operation vary. Generally, Walmart Auto Services close between 8am-5pm Monday through Saturday and 10am-6pm Sundays, though this could vary slightly depending on your closest store.

When trying to determine the closing time of a Walmart Auto Service, the best option is to check online. Walmart offers a store locator, which allows a customer to search for their nearest store and see the opening and closing times for that specific location. This is important, as it will provide customers with an accurate estimate of how long they have to finish their repair or purchase errands before the Auto Service Center closes. Customers can access this information from any device and can be sure that what they are seeing is up-to-date in regards to store times.

Like many businesses, it’s advised to call ahead if you plan on coming in close to closing time — the last thing you want is for your repair or purchase errands to end prematurely due to an early closing time! The phone numbers for each individual store can be found on the same website you would use to locate available services at that auto service center. Calling ahead will ensure that you have enough time — and leaves room for more personalized customer service if necessary!

Does Walmart offer express oil change services?

Walmart is renowned for offering an extensive range of services, including everything from financial services to auto care. The retail giant also has a well-developed Express Oil Change program that many customers find appealing. Walmart Express Oil Change offers customers the convenience of having their oil changed quickly and efficiently at a competitive price.

The Walmart Express Oil Change services include a 15-minute oil change and lube service, where you can count on the choice of using conventional 5w-20 or synthetic oil. They also offer tire rotation and pressure checks, fluid exchanges and windshield wiper installations. The service guarantees quality workmanship and their highly experienced technicians are trained to provide consumers with great customer service.

In addition to the oil change service, Walmart also offers other automotive services such as alignments, brakes, batteries, shocks and struts and car washes. Customers can even take advantage of free estimates for these other automotive maintenance jobs before making an appointment for the repair services.

Overall, it's clear that Walmart does offer express oil change services for customers who are looking for a convenient way to get their vehicles serviced quickly. Their selection of conventional or synthetic oils combined with additional automotive maintenance jobs provides consumers with the assurance of quality workmanship at competitive prices.

Does Walmart offer other automotive services besides oil changes?

Walmart certainly offers other automotive services beyond oil changes, and the availability of these services varies by location. Generally speaking, most Walmart Auto Care Centers provide a wide variety of maintenance and repair services for all kinds of vehicles, including brake repairs, tire rotation and balancing, fluid exchanges, filters and other vehicle parts, as well as general engine diagnostics and tune-ups. Walmart's certified technicians provide everything that your car needs to continue running in peak condition.

In addition to traditional maintenance service and checks, some Walmart stores have expanded their automotive offerings in recent years with additional services including motorcycle repair. Some locations even provide bigger jobs like engine rebuilds when needed. Customers who utilize these extended auto service offerings tend to report positive experiences after getting their car serviced - the technicians at Walmart put an emphasis on getting the job done right the first time around. Not only do they offer top-notch advice but they also tend to be very honest about what needs to be done to get your car back in good shape.

To sum up, if you're looking for more than just an oil change for your vehicle, Walmart's Auto Care Centers are worth considering. With competitive prices and reliable service from certified technicians you can generally get the job done faster and at a lower cost than getting service elsewhere - not to mention all the convenience of shopping for other items at Walmart while your vehicle is being serviced!

Does Walmart offer discounts for oil change services?

Walmart does offer discounts for oil changes services, making it an attractive option for anyone seeking to save money on car maintenance. For a basic service, Walmart charges just $19.88 and its more extensive oil change package will cost you only $35.88. By comparison, most auto shops charge around $50 to $80 for the same services, which means Walmart can save you up to 50% on your oil change needs.

Moreover, unlike many other stores and auto shops that use budget-brand oil and synthetic blend, Walmart utilizes top-tier brands such as Mobil 1 or Valvoline. They also offer an assortment of filters from leading manufacturers like Fram; each filter is rigorously tested to ensure quality and performance standards are met. Furthermore, selecting a basic oil change package includes up to five quarts of oil – a quantity that’s often exceeded at other service centers with varying cost implications.

In conclusion, it is clear why so many people head straight to Walmart when they need to get an oil change – it offers great discounts and quality service all in one place. Convenience aside, Walmart's routine maintenance packages are also far more reasonably priced than those offered by other businesses in the area, making it an incredibly economical choice for anyone looking for a good deal on their vehicle’s essential safeguarding needs.

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