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Time flies for some, but for the fans of “Ruthless,” one of the most cult-favorite shows in recent history, time has crawled along. After months – and even years – of eager anticipation, Ruthless finally returns to television with a debut broadcast on Saturday evenings at 8 PM (ET/PT).

For those who watch the show but don't know what it's about, “Ruthless” follows ex-convict turned family therapist Dr. Troy Maxwell - played by actor Tyrese Gibson - as he uses psychological techniques to help his clients uncover the source of their problems. Set in Los Angeles and exploring complex relationships between everyday families, the show offers up character-driven drama at its finest.

The diverse cast features a young musician in need of his parent's trust, an estranged brother returning from war with a new understanding of life, and a CEO struggling under the weight of her family business. Meanwhile, as Troy mentors these individuals and helps them achieve their goals, he must also confront his own demons head-on if he hopes to save himself from repeating past mistakes.

All smartly written with witty dialogue and plenty of narrative complexity, “Ruthless” is sure to keep viewers engaged from beginning to end. So don’t forget – be sure to set your DVRs for Saturday nights at 8 PM (ET/PT) for a powerful hour of family comedy drama that is sure to entertain!

What channel is Ruthless broadcast on?

Ruthless, the critically acclaimed new drama series on the premium TV channel Starz, is quickly building a dedicated fanbase. Starring Melissa Linton and Jane Seymour in lead roles, this look into the dark and scheming world of the Los Angeles music industry has grown into a must-watch for viewers.

For those looking to enjoy more episodes of Ruthless, you’ll be happy to know that it is broadcast on Starz. Subscribers of this premium channel can tune in every Sunday night to catch up on all of the latest developments in story arcs involving various characters from both light and dark walks of life. Beyond just this new series, Starz provides a wide range of additional content such as movies, documentaries, original programs and more available across multiple devices including computers, smartphones, connected TVs and more.

For viewers tuning in each week for more Ruthless drama, they can expect to find complex characters trying their best to perfect the art of navigation when it comes to cutthroat industry dealings. Plots twist and turn with every episode as players reveal their true intentions while striving to reach their own end goals along unpredictable paths. All eyes will be watching as Ruthless continues to unfold each week on Starz.

When is the next episode of Ruthless airing?

The hit period drama Ruthless is back with a new season! This action packed series follows the complicated relationship between two hustlers and the unlawful events that ensue throughout their journey to the top. Fans everywhere can’t wait for the explosive storyline to continue.

So when is the next episode of Ruthless airing? The highly anticipated show will debut on February 20th at 9 PM EST / 8 PM CST. So be sure to tune in for what’s sure to be an exciting new installment with plenty of unexpected twists and turns!

Due to its dark storylines and captivating characters, it’s no surprise that Ruthless has become such a global phenomenon. It is lauded for its portrayal of Los Angeles gangsters living a life of crime and uncovering the secrets that make up their lives in a thrilling narrative. Everyone can expect plenty on edge-of-your seat entertainment this season as viewers follow characters on their intense journey through complex moral issues.

Fans recently received some exciting news via the show’s official Twitter page announcing “Make sure you don’t miss out when it all kicks off on February 20th at 9 P:M EST / 8 PM CST. #RuthlessOnAir.” So get your popcorn ready as Ruthless gives viewers around the world another amazing episode and look forward to seeing what happens next!

What time is the season finale of Ruthless?

The season finale of the hit show Ruthless is scheduled to air on Tuesday, June 9th at 8PM ET/PT. For those who have spent the season getting tied up in Ruth's web of schemes, it is sure to be an explosive finale that ties up a few loose ends.

It's going to be an intense night as Ruth faces off with her enemies and fights for her own survival. Will she come out on top or will her adversaries get their revenge? Will any more secrets be revealed? There is so much at stake and it’s bound to be dramatic and suspenseful! The first season has been full of plot twists and turns, so anything could happen.

The entire season has been packed with unexpected plot twists and compelling characters, making it a must-watch show. This season finale promises to deliver a spectacular ending that will leave fans captivated. Fans everywhere are left eagerly anticipating what the last episode will bring; tune in for the ultimate showdown between good and evil!

How many episodes of Ruthless are there in the current season?

Ruthless is the highly-anticipated drama series that debuted in 2019 and has been taking the world by storm. It tells the story of a power-hungry family from Southern California and how they scheme their way to the top of Los Angeles’s competitive entertainment industry. With intense scenes, soap opera-style twists, and loads of drama, this series was made for binge watching.

Fans were delighted when it was announced that Ruthless had been renewed for a second season in 2020. Since then, fans have been eagerly waiting to know exactly how many episodes will be released. So far, viewers have been treated with an impressive nine episodes so far and this current season is almost over! The 2018-2020 season closed with an exciting season finale of episode nine, leaving fans on the edge of their seats eagerly anticipating. Season three has yet to be confirmed, however as long as viewers keep tuning in there’s no doubt that it will come soon!

So there you have it - 9 amazing episodes of Ruthless released over the two year span of 2018-2020 (so far). While this current season is just about finished, be sure to stay tuned for more exciting news about upcoming seasons or other related projects in the future!

Is Ruthless available to stream on any platforms?

Ruthless is a popular cult classic movie that many have likely heard of but never seen, leading to the question of if the film is available to stream on any platforms. The answer is yes! Ruthless is available to stream through various platforms such as Google Play Movies, Amazon Video, YouTube and iTunes.

Google Play Movies offers seemingly unlimited streaming options for its users. Ruthless is one of those films included in their extensive library. Purchasing the movie from Google Play also allows customers to view it in HD and gain access to bonus features like deleted scenes and limited edition cover art! Amazon Video services can also be used to easily watch the movie with any compatible device such as tablets or PC’s.

YouTube has its own array of films that can be rented for viewing. Many reviewers agree that it offers excellent customer service when it comes to streaming your movie of choice. The streaming options from YouTube also allow their customers access to extras such as scene selection capabilities and subtitles. Lastly, while iTunes may not be known for providing films, they have an offer include with their library too; in fact an HD version is also available with iTunes if you’re looking for a high quality downloading option.

Overall, depending on your device type and what quality you’d like access too, Ruthless can be purchased or streamed through 4 different sources: Google Play Movies, Amazon Video, YouTube and iTunes.

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