What Time Does Logan's Roadhouse Open?

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Logan’s Roadhouse is a popular restaurant chain across the U.S., and many people may wonder about its operating hours. We have the answer for you here! Logan’s Roadhouse is open seven days a week, from 11am to 12am Monday through Thursday, and 11am to 1am Friday and Saturday, with varying Sunday hours depending on your location.

The eatery chain offers an interesting blend of southern and American style cuisine, bringing together all the familiar flavors of classic recipes while also integrating unique twists that make it stand out among other restaurants. For example, they offer signature fries soaked in a signature seasoning blend, mesquite-grilled steaks cooked up just how you like them, and even sizzling fajitas cooked right at your table.

Aside from its delicious menu items, Logan’s Roadhouse is known for its lively atmosphere and great customer service. Whether dining in or taking out via their convenient take-out option services, you can expect to receive friendly service from the staff and be pleased with the delicious meals that are served up hot. The servers aim to make every customer feel welcome and honored during their visit.

Now that you know when Logan's Roadhouse opens each day of the week, why not plan an outing with friends or family? You'll definitely find something savory on their menu that everyone will enjoy! Have a great time!

What time does the Logans Roadhouse close?

Logans Roadhouse is an iconic American restaurant that has become a household name across the United States. But what time does it close its doors? There’s no need to worry – Logans Roadhouse stays open late so you can enjoy its delicious steaks, ribs, and other specials.

Most Logan’s Roadhouse restaurants close the kitchen at 11pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends. The bar typically stays open until 1am at most locations. Those with slightly different closing times include some locations in Ohio and Michigan, which close at 10pm on weekdays and 11pm on weekends.

But if you’re looking for a late night snack or meal, keep in mind that some of the roadhouse’s sandwiches are also available as part of their late night menu from 10-11:30 pm. They also offer their signature made-from-scratch fries late into the night so you won't miss out on enjoying their signature eats!

What days of the week does Logans Roadhouse operate?

Logans Roadhouse is the perfect spot for anyone looking for a classic, hearty meal. Whether you’re after a steak or a plate of hot wings; they have something to make even the pickiest eater happy. To ensure you have time to make your way there, here's some vital information on Logan's Roadhouse hours.

The restaurant generally opens its doors on Monday through Thursday at 11:00 AM and closes at 10 PM, with Fridays and Saturdays staying open until 11 PM. On Sundays, they open up an hour earlier at 10 AM and close up for the night at 9 PM. During these operating times, customers can still enjoy their daily food specials like Top Sirloin Wednesdays or Ribs & Steak Fridays. Haaving early bird specials from 3-6 pm Monday-Thursday makes it easy to get there before you get too hungry!

Logans Roadhouse is also perfect for those who love to take their community spirit on the road – offering a wide variety of catering options for special events like weddings or corporate functions. No matter what day you are looking for a meal that makes your taste buds sing – you can always find it at Logans Roadhouse!

Does Logans Roadhouse offer delivery services?

Logans Roadhouse is an American casual dining chain that serves classic favorites like steaks, ribs, and burgers. But if you’re wondering if you can get your Logans Roadhouse eatery favorites without ever leaving your house, then the answer is yes! Logans Roadhouse now offers delivery services to customers in select states.

Logans Roadhouse delivery services are available via their website and app for both iOS and Android devices. All you need to do is input your location, browse the Logans Roadhouse menu online and add the items of your choice to cart just like with any other restaurant delivery service. The one difference though is that instead of breadsticks with garlic butter, you are getting mouth-watering ribs or chicken tenders delivered right to your doorstep - yum!

When ordering from Logans Roadhouse delivery services, customers won’t need to worry about breaking the bank either. Delivery orders qualify for discounted prices as well as daily specials available exclusively on the Logans Roadhouse website and app. The restaurant also has a loyalty rewards program where customers can earn points each time they make a purchase or review their experience at a Logans Roadhouse location, which ultimately means even more discounts down the road. So whether you’re looking for a convenient at-home dining experience or craving your favorite comfort snacks in front of the TV after work, Logan Roadhouses has something for everyone best served with fresh food delivered straight from their kitchen to your door!

Is there an online store available to purchase items from Logans Roadhouse?

In today’s day and age, it’s becoming increasingly popular for restaurant chains to start selling their products and items online. For anyone who has ever had a craving for the mouth-watering menu items from Logans Roadhouse, you may be pleased to hear that yes, you can now purchase items online from the iconic restaurant chain.

Logan’s Roadhouse provides an incredibly convenient shopping experience for customers, with a detailed selection of merchandise like t-shirts and mugs available to purchase on their website. Not only can you shop these cool items – some of which boast cool designs inspired by the restaurant’s special recipes - but you can also sign up to the company’s newsletter and email list (at no cost!) to stay informed of new product releases.

For anyone looking for a Logans Roadhouse t-shirt or mug as the perfect gift for a friend or relative, you now have access to an entire inventory with just a few clicks of the mouse. You even have the option to pick up all purchases at one of their participating locations (with free shipping!) so you can get your hands on your item sooner.

The convenience, selection and versatility make Logans Roadhouse a great choice for anyone looking to do some online shopping for unique restaurant merchandise – so give it a try today!

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