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John Mayer is a world-famous singer and songwriter who has toured the globe for over two decades. Whether headlining festivals or simply giving solo performances, he regularly plays to sold-out, frenzied crowds. With this in mind, many avid fans want to know what time John performs so they can plan their itinerary accordingly.

So when does John Mayer take the stage? This can depend on a few factors, including the venue, tour dates, and even the type of event he’s playing. Generally speaking, though, fans can expect John Mayer to hit the stage anywhere between 8pm to midnight on tour nights. When attending an outdoor festival or special event with other acts involved, it’s best to double-check earlier in the day or contact local venues for specifics depending on showtime. For those worried about missing their favorite songs in the setlist, many artists open multiple shows with similar and well-known songs amongst their catalog of hits!

When on tour together with other notable acts under a shared headline night such as “The Dead & Company Tour” featuring John Mayer and Bob Weir from The Grateful Dead – which are a must-see event by many – Mayer typically takes the band’s second spot on the rotation under Weir. Generally beginning their performance around 9:30pm yet lasting through well past midnight at times - sometimes over two hours - this likely favors more seasoned audience members who may wish to stay late into the evening despite having endured an earlier starting time when comparing those needing to attend early work hours and caring for kids!

No matter what time they choose to catch him in action though - whether it be 8pm or after midnight - fans are sure never to be disappointed with once in a lifetime experience that Mayer brings each year across full continents of eager listener's worldwide!

What day does John Mayer perform at the concert?

John Mayer is set to take the stage at the upcoming concert on Friday, June 22nd. He is known for his soulful American pop-rock style music and will be performing a mix of fan favorites from acoustic guitar ballads to high-energy electric jams. Fans of all ages can come out to enjoy an exceptional performance from one of the world’s biggest stars in contemporary music.

With hits such as 'Gravity', 'Your Body is a Wonderland', and many more, John Mayer is sure to bring the house down with his live show. A true master guitarist, he has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Eric Clapton and Alicia Keys. He has also written original instrumental pieces both solo and with his former bandmate Steve Jordan, who worked on the Grammy Award-winning album Continuum in 2006.

This will be a special show for John Mayer fans as it marks his first appearance onstage since November 2016 when back injury issues forced him to cancel all tour dates through 2017 and 2018. Those who have waited all this time are sure to be in for a treat at this one night only event. Don’t miss it, get your tickets now!

What time does John Mayer arrive to the venue?

John Mayer is a renowned singer-songwriter who has achieved tremendous success throughout his career. As such, there is fantastic anticipation when it comes to his live concerts, creating the need for fans to know exactly what time he will be arriving at the venue.

In the case of John Mayer's concerts, typically he arrives at roughly the same time as doors open. Do check local listings prior to attending though as details may vary depending on the location. Generally speaking however, his appearances at the venue mirrors that of the opening time. This allows ample time for soundcheck and preparation before the actual show itself. He also utilizes this time to greet his fans, sign autographs and take photos that can later be shared on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

It is nice to see John Mayer making an effort for his audience by actually showing up a decent amount of time before his concert is set to start. Additionally, ticket holders usually have plenty of ample opportunity to enjoy meeting him through a meet and greet or other similar activity during this arrival period (weather permitting). While doors typically open 7-8pm but it varies from place-to-place, John Mayer usually can be seen arriving at least half an hour before hand - so it’s wise to arrive early in order to take advantage of getting personal with him!

What is the setlist for John Mayer's show?

John Mayer has had an illustrious and long-standing career in the music industry, captivating audiences with his soulful and clever songwriting. He has garnered several Grammy awards, multiple top 10 hits, and released a bevy of live albums, all while developing a vast fan base across the world.

As a result, audiences have grown very familiar with his vast range in songs from one album to the next. His live concerts have become nostalgic events for die-hard fans as well as newcomers, making it easy for newcomers to get up to speed on what constitutes as a “John Mayer setlist”.

So what should you expect when attending a John Mayer show? A typical setlist will include some of his biggest hits like “Gravity”, “Your Body is a Wonderland” and “Waiting on the World To Change” while also spotlighting some of his deeper gems such as “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” and “Love Song for no One”. He even delves into other genres from time to time such as blues or jazz depending on the tour he is currently embarking on.

His ever evolving musical catalog accompanied by an electrifying stage show make for an unforgettable concert experience for both loyal fans as well as newcomers alike. A John Mayer show promises you an evening comprised of honest lyrics, real emotion, and exemplary guitar playing from one of the most unique live performers in the world of music today.

What venues are planned for John Mayer's tour?

John Mayer is a renowned American singer-songwriter who is known for his classic rock and indie pop music. Fans of Mayer’s heartfelt lyrics, mesmerizing melodies and soulful sound will be delighted to hear about his upcoming tour for 2019. Starting this summer, Mayer will take the stage in 11 different cities all across the United States, stopping in some of the most classic and iconic venues around.

For fans who want to see Mayer’s unique acoustic tunings, they should look no further than Nashville where he’ll play at the world famous Country Music Hall of Fame. Enthusiasts eager to see one of his coveted live performances in the south should head to Atlanta’s Fox Theatre or Miami’s American Airlines Arena where Mayer will heat up these southern cities with some of his classic songs.

Heading north to Minneapolis, fans can find Mayer at Target Center taking audiences on an unforgettable journey with each passionate and soulful song he performs. His North American tour will also include stops at Chicago’s United Center, Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center, Toronto's Scotiabank Arena, and Washington D.C.'s Capitol One Arena among other major cities and their wide variety of renowned venues.

All in all, John Mayer’s anticipated tour this summer promises an enthralling vocal performance as well as an experience filled with spiritual connection between him and his devoted fans at these fabulous destinations across America. Whether you are already a huge admirer of Mayer or still new to discovering his timeless music, this tour is not one to miss out on!

What is the ticket price for John Mayer's show?

John Mayer's show ticket prices depend on the tour and specific show that one is interested in attending. For example, tickets for his current tour, the Search for Everything World Tour, range from $39 to $99 USD plus taxes and any applicable fees.

John Mayer is typically a sell-out artist with the majority of his shows being completely sold out. Therefore, getting a hold of a ticket before they are all gone may require exploring pre-sale opportunities or finding tickets that have been resold by third party websites such as StubHub or Vivid Seats. These ticket reseller websites often mark up prices based on demand and can therefore result in higher than standard prices for tickets. It’s important to be mindful of this when purchasing JOHN MAYER tickets from such websites.

Additionally, some venues that John Mayer is performing at offer special VIP packages either through the venue itself or via reseller websites. These special packages can include premium seating, meet & greets with John Mayer himself, signed merchandise, and much more depending on what package is selected which can significantly increase the cost per ticket purchased.

All in all, no matter with type of show or ticket you’re looking to purchase during any of John Mayer’s tours, it’s always beneficial to be proactive when it comes down to securing a seat as these types of shows tend to sell quickly!

What opening acts will be joining John Mayer onstage?

John Mayer is a beloved singer/songwriter who has been touring since 1999. His upcoming tour promises to be an exciting and unforgettable experience with an impressive lineup of opening acts.

First up, Jake Shimabukuro is joining the lineup. A talented ukulele player, he’s an experienced performer whose unique sound will be sure to capture the attention of the crowd. Kat Wright has joined in on the fun as well, bringing her soulful and powerful voice to the stage. Alongside these two is The Wild Reeds, whose beautiful harmonies blend with their wide range of instruments (including piano and guitar) make for a stunning live performance.

In addition to this talented trio, opening for John Mayer throughout numerous venues on his tour will be Mary Lambert – a pop singer known for her hit song “Secrets” – funky folk artist Gregory Alan Isakov, and Atlanta-based JR Moore, who is sure to set any room ablaze with his energetic tunes. This incredible list of eclectic performers is sure to bring an electrifying vibe to every show that not even John Mayer can match!

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