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Gin and orange juice is an alcohol-based beverage that has been part of the boozy landscape for a long time. It is known by several names, but its most common moniker is the “Screwdriver.” This name was supposedly coined in the 1940s and 1950s when oil rig workers, bored with just drinking their morning orange juice, decided to pour in some gin to spice it up. At this point, one of the men reportedly said “If you are going to screw it, you might as well use a screwdriver”—and so the name stuck!

The Screwdriver can be a delicious and refreshing cocktail if made properly. It only takes two ingredients: a quality gin and fresh-squeezed orange juice. Feel free to experiment with different brands of gin to make sure you get a Screwdriver that suits your taste buds perfectly—whether it be something citrusy and light or something more herbaceous and flavorful. When selecting orange juice make sure that it is freshly squeezed or made from concentrate without added sugar so that the flavor will not be altered by any artificial sweeteners or intense concentrations of real sugar.

To make your own Screwdriver at home mix two parts gin with three parts fresh squeezed orange juice in a shaker filled with ice cubes and give it a good shake before pouring into your glass - don't forget an orange slice garnish for extra style points! Cocktails like these are perfect for any type of occasion from a relaxed dinner party to fancy night out but always remember - drink responsibly!

No matter what you call it, the Screwdriver's combination of tartness from the orange juice coupled with the kick from the gin can turn any dull evening into something vibrant and lively. So why not give this classic cocktail go today?

What is gin and tonic called?

Gin and tonic is a classic cocktail consisting of gin, tonic water and, often, a citrus garnish. This combination of ingredients has earned itself an interesting nickname - the G&T.

The name ‘G&T’ is slang for the famous cocktail and is commonly used in many circles around the world. It’s used by bartenders to refer to the drink quickly without needing to spell out all its ingredients. If you want to order the classic cocktail from your bartender either the full name 'Gin and Tonic' or simply 'G&T' will suffice.

In some circles, ordering a ‘gintonic’ can also get you this delicious mix of spirits and sparkling soda. However, it’s not quite as widely accepted as ‘G&T’ so if you can remember to order it in its established form, you won’t risk any confusion or miscommunication!

No matter what name you use to order it, Gin & Tonic is a refreshing beverage perfect for enjoying with friends on hot days or during cosy nights out. Gather your group, choose a spirit and let the fun times commence with an iconic G&T!

What is gin and lemonade called?

Gin and lemonade is one of the most beloved combinations in alcoholic drinks. The drink, which is officially known as "a gin rickey," has been around since the late 1800s. It first became popular during prohibition when its simple ingredients were easy to find. The classic cocktail has just THREE ingredients — gin, fresh lime juice, and carbonated water (most commonly seltzer or soda).

A gin rickey is an underrated drink that more people should know about. It’s easy to make but packs a serious flavor punch. The combination of sweet and tart flavors in this drink play off each other beautifully, making for a delightful and complex beverage. It's light enough to enjoy anytime of year whether it's hot outside or you're snuggled up in front of your fireplace.

The beauty of any rickey recipe is its versatility; it can be adjusted to suit almost any taste preference using flavored beverages (like cranberry or lemon-lime soda) or alternatives to gin like light rum, vodka, or whiskey. No matter which spirits you choose, this bubbly drink will always be crisp, refreshing and perfect for any occasion! So next time you want a delicious backyard Happy Hour staple, grab your favorite bottle spirits and try your hand at mixing up a Gin Rickey!

What is gin and cranberry juice called?

Gin and cranberry juice is a classic mixed drink known as a Cape Codder. Otherwise known as a Vodka Cran, it’s is an easy-to-make yet delicious concoction of gin (or sometimes vodka, the choice is yours) and cranberry juice. Consisting of two simple ingredients, it yields refreshing flavors and vibrant colors to satisfy any palette. The perfect way to celebrate any gathering or just enjoy by yourself after a long week, the stronger you make it, the tastier it will be.

To make a Cape Codder, start with 2 ounces of gin or vodka and around 4 ounces of cranberry juice in an ice-filled highball glass. Add sliced lemon as garnish for flavor then stir with a long spoon for an even mix. If desired, add more gin for more of a kick then top off with more crushed ice for deeper flavor integration. Enjoy!

The name “Cape Codder” derives from its popularity in the area in Massachusetts - the Cape Cod region - where the recipe originated centuries ago. As one of the oldest well-known drinks around that still remains popular today, everyone should experience this simple delight at least once. Treat yourself at home or out on the town; no matter what setting you choose for your next Cape Codder experience, you won’t regret it!

What is gin and pineapple juice called?

Gin and pineapple juice is one of the most loved cocktail combinations in the world. Whether you're sipping a G&T on a Sunday afternoon or mixing up something special for a summer party, this mix of gin and pineapple juice will bring out the best in any occasion.

But did you know that this delicious combination has its own name? Gin and pineapple juice is aptly called a 'Fuzzy Navel.' An interesting piece of trivia is that the 'fuzzy' portion of the name refers to peach schnapps which was originally part of the recipe, but has since been replaced in favor of pineapple juice. The 'navel' portion of the name may refer to the taste of oranges normally associated with classic orange juice, although some sources also indicate that it has everything to do with how it looks when served as part of a layered cocktail — with two different-colored liquors side by side. In any case, it's interesting to consider how this cocktail got its unique designation!

For those who'd like to give this drink a try at home, the ratio for a Fuzzy Navel is generally 2 parts gin and 1 part pineapple juice. Of course, exact measurements depend on each person’s individual tastes — so experiment with different amounts until you find your perfect mix. If you need inspiration for your next cocktail night or summer gathering, don't forget about this sweet, bubbly concoction!

What is gin and lime juice called?

Gin and lime juice is a cocktail known as the classic G&T, or Gin & Tonic. The combination of gin and lime juice has a long history as an easy-to-make drink. This lasting popularity is not just due to its delicious tartness, but also to its flexibility in terms of flavour options.

The beauty of this cocktail is that it can be customised in whatever way you prefer, making it one of the most beloved classics in any bar owner’s arsenal. Whether you prefer your G&T with a kick of citrus from a slice of lime, or an extra crunch from some cucumber and mint leaves, there's a recipe that can be tailored to taste.

This famous beverage can also be made into many other variations depending on one’s preference. Adding tonic water gives it more of a light and refreshing taste; while adding soda water creates a clean yet effervescent result - perfect for enjoying on its own during warmer days. Other ingredients such as elderflower cordial, ginger ale or cranberry juice can all make their own delicious contribution to the classic G&T – further adding to its versatility.

With so much potential for variation thanks to the flexible nature of gin and lime juice, no wonder the G&T has become so popular over time! From the staple lime wedge garnish that almost every drinker must have tried, to bespoke concoctions from expert mixologists - whoever your source may be - celebrating with G&Ts is a timeless pleasure enjoyed around the world!

What is gin and soda called?

Gin and Soda is a classic mixed drink made of both simple ingredients. The combination of the botanicals in gin and the crispness of soda water results in an incredibly refreshing and light drink perfect for warm summer days or on its own as a palate cleanser.

The mixed drink can be served neat or over ice with a splash of fresh lime juice which adds a layer of flavor complements the complexity of the gin. This cocktail is known by many names, but it's most commonly known as either the Gin Rickey or G & T, standing forgin and tonic. Although this concoction requires just two ingredients, gin and tonic, it surprisingly has a depth of flavor that makes it one of the most popular cocktails available.

This classic beverage has been around for centuries and as such, many variations have been created over the years such as flavored tonics or adding different liquors for more complexity. As a great low ABV option, this drink is perfect for those who don't want to overdo their drinking but still appreciate something refined and complex. With that said, Gin & Soda is not just an ordinary mixed drink but rather an enduring classic; one that will remain a staple in any home enthusiast’s repertoire.

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