What Happened to Larry on Restoration Garage?

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Larry was a very successful businessman who owned a large car restoration garage. He was very well known in the Restoration community and was always helping out other restorers with their projects. Larry was always trying to find new and innovative ways to improve the quality of his work and the efficiency of his business. Unfortunately, one day, Larry was involved in a terrible car accident and was severely injured. He was rushed to the hospital and underwent several surgeries. Larry was in a coma for several weeks and when he finally woke up, he was a different person. He was unable to speak and could not remember anything about his life before the accident. Larry was eventually able to regain some of his speech and movement, but he was never able to fully recover. He was forced to sell his business and retirement. Larry now lives in a small assisted living facility where he receives regular care and therapy. Despite his injuries, Larry is still a kind and caring person who enjoys spending time with his friends and family.

How long was Larry in a coma for?

Larry was in a coma for two weeks. His family and friends were by his side the whole time, praying for him to wake up. Luckily, Larry woke up and is now doing better.

How did the accident affect Larry's family?

It was a warm, sunny day. The sky was a bright, deep blue. Larry and his family were out for a drive in the country. They were all in high spirits, enjoying the day and each other's company.

Suddenly, their car collided with another vehicle. Larry was killed instantly. His wife and children were all injured.

The accident had a profound effect on Larry's family. They were all devastated by his death. His wife was left to raise their children alone. She was also left with a huge financial burden. The accident had a ripple effect on the lives of everyone in Larry's family.

What was the prognosis for Larry's recovery?

The prognosis for Larry's recovery was not good. He had been in a coma for several weeks and was not expected to wake up. His family was told to prepare for the worst.

What was the extent of Larry's injuries?

Larry's injuries were severe. He suffered a concussion, a broken nose, and two black eyes. He also had a deep cut on his forehead that required stitches. In addition, Larry's ribs were bruised and he had a mild case of whiplash.

What was the financial impact of Larry's accident on his family?

Larry's accident had a significant financial impact on his family. First and foremost, the medical bills associated with his injuries were substantial. Not only did Larry have to pay for his own medical treatment, but his family also had to cover the cost of his wife's care as she accompanied him during his recovery. In addition, the family had to make do without Larry's income during the time he was unable to work. This meant that they had to cut back on their spending and make some tough choices about where their money went. Thankfully, Larry's employer was understanding and allowed him to take some time off work without pay. However, this still put a strain on the family's finances. In the end, Larry's accident had a very real and tangible financial impact on his family.

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