How to Use Karaoke Treasure Microphone?

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Posted Nov 28, 2022

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The karaoke treasure microphone is a handheld microphone that can be used to amplify your voice when singing karaoke. It is battery operated and has a built-in speaker so you can hear yourself as you sing. There is also a volume control so you can adjust the volume to your liking. The microphone comes with a karaoke adapter that can be plugged into most karaoke machines.

To use the karaoke treasure microphone, first make sure that the batteries are inserted and that the volume is turned down. Next, plug the karaoke adapter into the microphone jack on the back of the karaoke machine. Once the machine is turned on, you can begin singing into the microphone. The karaoke machine will amplify your voice and you will be able to hear yourself through the built-in speaker. If the volume is too low, you can turn up the volume on the microphone. If the volume is too high, you can turn down the volume on the karaoke machine.

You can use the karaoke treasure microphone with most karaoke machines. However, if you are having trouble getting the microphone to work with your particular machine, you can contact customer support for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you connect a karaoke mic to a TV?

Plug the AC adapter cord for the karaoke mic into the mic base stand and an available electrical outlet. Do not turn on the mic or insert into the base unit yet. Connect the yellow, red and white RCA cable that lead from the microphone base to the corresponding input ports on the TV.

How do I use the karaoke treasure?

1. Hold the karaoke treasure buttons in the ON/OFF position to turn on your treasure 2. Press the Mode swithcing button to change between songs playback modes (e.g., MP3 mode, selfie mode, etc.) 3. To cycle through previous played songs under each playback mode, press the corresponding button repeatedly

How to connect karaoke machine to mobile?

1. Check the connection status of mobile phone. If wireless light is on, it means the wireless is connecting successfully. 2. Enable Bluetooth in mobile phone first by going to Settings > Bluetooth and check that "BT" appears under "Devices" list. 3. Launch Karaoke app on your mobile phone and connect with karaoke machine. You will see a prompt tone if the connection is successful. 4. Adjust microphone volume and reverberation level to fit your desired performance

How to connect microphone to Smart TV?

If you have a Bluetooth enabled device (phone, tablet,etc.) and an audio output socket on your TV then you are set to go. Simply connect the Bluetooth mic to the audio input on the TV. You will then be able to use voice search and other voice activated functions on the TV.

How to connect a karaoke machine to a smart TV?

Step 3: Connect the power cable to the karaoke machine. Similar to how you would connect a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, connect the power cord to either the wall outlet or the karaoke machine’s AC adapter (if it has one). Optional step: Configure your TV’s audio settings. If you want to enable Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound on your TV, locate the “Audio” button on your TV and set it to “5.1 CHannels Supported” or higher. Enable subtitles if you want them displayed along with the song lyrics. If you don’t have any headphones, you can use your TV speakers to hear the audio playback.

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