How Do I Turn off Amazon FreeTime?

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Posted Jan 20, 2023

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With children's access to technology increasing, and educational resources and entertainment platforms such as Amazon FreeTime becoming more available and commonly used, parents are wanting to know how they can control their children's access to these services. After all, parents want their kids to be safe online! Fortunately, Amazon FreeTime has parental control settings that parents can use to help manage kids' screen time and manage their content.

The first step for parents who wish to turn off Amazon FreeTime is to open the app on the device on which it was installed. When the app opens, you will see a gear icon at the top of the page. When clicked, this icon will bring up a settings page where you can adjust account preferences including turning off certain features, such as Amazon FreeTime. Here you will find an option to “turn off” which you can select in order to disable Amazon FreeTime. Additionally, if there are other accounts on the device with access to the app, you may be asked if you want to turn it off for them as well; this allows parents who share a device with their kids or have multiple users configured on one device an easy way of managing every user’s digital content experience.

If your child has an Amazon FreeTime profile that requires a secret four digit passcode in order for them to access the service, turning it off from the parent command window may prompt a notification asking if you would like to delete this passcode too. If desired, simply click “yes” and your child will not have access nor be required inputting their passcode when re-enabling Amazon FreeTime in the future.

By following these steps, parents can easily and effectively turn off Amazon FreeTime when needed in order to provide better monitoring of their children’s usage of digital content platforms such as this one and increase security overall.

How do I end my Amazon FreeTime subscription?

Ending an Amazon FreeTime subscription is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is log into your parent or guardian Amazon account, go to "Settings," access FreeTime, and toggle the feature off. Once it's disabled, your child's access to the content within will immediately be restricted.

If you're ever uncertain as to how a particular setting works, Amazon offers detailed articles (and even video tutorials) on every page of their product launch page. These are hands-on guides that can guide you step by step through the process of deactivating certain features, or cancelling subscriptions such as Amazon FreeTime.

In most cases the process is a simple two-step: log in and deactivate the feature. If a full refund is desired then you'll need to contact Amazon customer support for assistance; though if it hasn't been over 30 days since signing up then your account should be eligible for automatic refunding.

If you're having difficulty ending your subscription then we suggest quickly scanning Amazon’s guidance on cancelling your account, which should provide all of the information you need - including answering any questions you may have - with regards to uninstalling FreeTime and reclaiming your payment method back with ease.

How do I deactivate Amazon FreeTime on my device?

Having Toys R Us recently been disbanded, many parents are turning to Amazon’s FreeTime service, which provides parenting controls and age-appropriate content. But what happens when you want to deactivate Amazon FreeTime? Fortunately, turning off Amazon FreeTime can be done quickly and easily with a few steps.

On Android devices, you first need to open the Kindle App and head to the Home Screen by tapping on the house icon at the bottom. Once there, press on the three-stroked "Menu" icon in the top-right corner of the display. Then press on "Settings," where you will see a list of options. Scroll down and select "Parental Controls." Your device should prompt for your Parental Controls password. Once you enter it, look for "FreeTime" and press "Turn Off." The device will give you a prompt that FreeTime has been deactivated; from here, just press "OK" to confirm it's complete.

On Apple devices (as well as most other iOS devices), deactivating Amazon FreeTime is very similar but not quite identical. Open up the Kindle app and tap through until you see your Library lists in front of you. Tap on the three dot-menu ("More") in the top right corner then tap Settings > Parental Controls > Turn Off near the bottom of your screen; at this point your device should also ask for your confirmation details like previously mentioned. From here it's as simple as pressing Turn Off FreeTime when prompted to deactivate.

By making use of either method above, parents can effortlessly turn off Amazon Free Time from their device in no time flat!

How do I stop my free trial of Amazon FreeTime?

Your Amazon FreeTime free trial is about to end, and you are wondering how to do cancel it and not be charged? Firstly, the good news is that Amazon makes it very easy to stop your free trial. All you need to do is log into your Amazon account and head to the Settings page. Once there, look for ‘Allow Amazon to store your children’s content’. This will take you to the FreeTime page. There, click on the ‘Cancel Your Free Trial’ link which will take you through the necessary steps to stop your free trial of Amazon FreeTime before it charges you.

Another way to stop your free trial before it ends is by using the Alexa app. All you need to do is open up the main Smart Home screen, then go into 'Settings', then 'Alexa Account', then ‘Content and parental controls’ and finally tap on the FreeTime box that appears near the bottom of the page. Once here, select ‘Cancel My Free Trial' and confirm your decision by finalizing all of the required steps for cancellation. If done successfully, you should get confirmation that your free trial has been canceled before any payment has been taken from your account.

It's also important to note that in addition canceling your trial, you can also delete any previous recordings made by FreeTime so that they don't stay accessible after cancellation. To do this, head back into Settings in Alexa, tap on Alexa Account again as previously done and finally select ‘Review & manage recordings’ - where all voice recordings made via Amazon FreeTime will appear. Here you can individually delete everything or simply delete them all in one go if required.

By following each of these simple steps outlined above, canceling your free trial should be a quick and straightforward process - making sure you never have any unexpected or unwanted charges arrive when looking at your bank statement at the end of each cycle!

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