How Much Is a Howard Piano Worth?

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When it comes to determining the value of a Howard Piano, the answer is far from straightforward. Although this brand of piano is well-known among enthusiasts and has been around for over 130 years, the worth of a Howard Piano is largely dependent on various factors such as its age, condition, and type. Generally, the value of a Howard Piano can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars, and may even be higher for certain rare instruments.

When it comes to age, condition and type, these factors play a huge role in a Howard Piano's worth. The age of the piano can significantly increase or decrease its value, depending on its condition and quality. The older the instrument, the more likely it is to have been handled with care, which will have increased its value over time. Additionally, different types of Howard Pianos have different values, usually depending on their size (pianos with a longer span tend to be more expensive) and materials (pianos made with exotic materials like mahogany or cabretta tend to be more pricey). It is important to note, however, that even with age and type taken into consideration, a Howard Piano’s condition is the most important factor when it comes to determining its worth.

When looking at condition, there are many things to consider when estimating the worth of a Howard Piano. As with any other instrument, the most important thing is to look at the condition of the strings and mechanical parts. If there are any rust or corrosion on the strings, the pitch or tuning may be affected, which could drastically decrease the value. Additionally, anything from scratches and dents to missing parts or discoloration can have an adverse effect on the worth.

Finally, it is important to note that in some cases, a Howard Piano's worth can increase if it offers any rare features or has any kind of historical importance. Some of the rarest and most sought-after models are very old, usually made with ivory keys, and can be priced at several thousand dollars. Therefore, the value of a Howard Piano can vary greatly depending on its age, condition, type, and any other features that may increase its worth.

In conclusion, the value of a Howard Piano is highly dependent on various factors, such as its age, condition and type. Therefore, it is important to research the piano thoroughly before making a purchase, as well as consulting a professional piano technician to help determine its

What is the average price of a Howard piano?

The Howard Piano Company is one of the oldest and most esteemed piano makers in the world. Founded in 1897, they have a long and distinguished history of producing fine pianos. Currently, they produce upright and grand pianos and digital models. The company has a sterling reputation for creating instruments that are of the highest quality and have an unmistakable beauty. With their fine craftsmanship, a Howard Piano is sure to bring a lifetime of pleasure for any musician.

The Howard Piano Company produces a wide range of pianos, including entry level, professional and semi-professional models. The average price of a Howard Piano will depend on the size, model and features of the instrument. On average, the price for a basic console/studio piano starts at about $4,000-6,000. The cost goes up from there for higher end models including uprights, concert grands and baby grands. These instruments may cost anywhere from $10,000 - 80,000. Digital models start at $2,000 and may go up to several thousands.

Since the cost of a Howard piano depends on various features and models, it is important to consider your individual needs when looking to purchase one. For example, budget can be a determining factor in what type of instrument is right for you. A grand piano may cost more than double the amount of a basic studio piano, but it may also give a richer, fuller sound that is well worth the extra money spent. The action, size and construction of the instrument can also influence the price. Pieces with a higher quality of construction may cost more than others.

The Howard Piano Company also offers excellent warranties on their instruments. Their warranty covers both parts and labour and provides repair and maintenance service for a specific amount of time. Every piano purchased from an authorized dealer also includes a 10-year parts and labour warranty. This ensures the instrument is well taken care of and can last a lifetime.

In conclusion, the average price for a Howard piano is likely in the range of $4,000-10,000 for beginner models and may go up to $80,000 for a concert grand. It is important to consider your individual needs when looking to purchase a Howard piano, such as budget and desired features of the instrument. With the combination of their long history of fine craftsmanship and a 10-year warranty, a Howard piano is an excellent choice for any musician.

How much does a Howard piano typically cost?

In today’s market, the cost of a Howard piano can vary widely depending on size and age. Purchasing a Howard piano can be a large financial commitment, but the rewards of owning a quality instrument can be great. In terms of pricing, Howard pianos typically range from around $4,000 for a model in good condition up to $50,000 or more for a grand piano.

New models of Howard pianos are available from select authorized dealers and will typically range from around $7,500 up to $30,000 for a regulated set. The cost difference between the different models can depend on the size and features of the instrument, such as the number of pedals and amount of dip resistance the soundboard offers.

Although used Howard pianos may be less expensive, buyers should exercise due diligence when purchasing a pre-owned instrument. Many older models may have considerable repair work required and could cost upwards of $10,000 even after repairs to make them playable.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that age isn’t always the deciding factor when it comes to cost. It’s possible to find a newer model which was poorly maintained or ravaged by insects and could end up costing even more than a well-maintained vintage.

When considering a purchase it’s important to take age and condition into account. Older models, while potentially requiring a greater financial commitment initially, can be an asset in the long-run as they are likely to have more character, higher volume and a deeper tone than newer models.

One of the best ways to be sure of the cost and quality of a particular Howard piano is to have it appraised by a qualified technician. A technician will have a better knowledge of the underlying condition of the piano and be able to provide an honest opinion about the value of the instrument.

In summary, when considering the cost of a Howard piano, it’s important to remember that age, size, condition and features are all factors that will impact the price. As such, it can be difficult to provide a definitive answer when it comes to how much a Howard piano will cost, but typically one should expect to pay somewhere between $4,000 and $50,000. Ultimately, the only way to know for sure is to obtain an appraisal from a qualified technician.

Are there any discounts available for Howard pianos?

Whether you are looking for a piano for your home, or a professional instrument for music production or for a live performance, the name “Howard” is an important one. The Howard piano is a product that is known for its top-notch quality and sound. But, with such reliable and superior craftsmanship often comes a hefty price tag. This can make it difficult for anyone to purchase a Howard piano, which is why it is important to find out if there are any discounts available that can cut some of the cost and make the purchase more accessible.

One of the best ways to take advantage of discounts on Howard pianos is to look into special deals that the manufacturer of the piano offers. These deals can range from simple discounts on specific models to larger discounts on select lines of pianos. Depending on the terms of these special offers, shoppers can take a significant chunk off of the price of their desired piano from the Howard brand. It is important to be aware of these deals, as they change frequently and can save a lot of money.

Another great way to potentially save money on purchasing a Howard piano is to shop around. For those who are unwilling or unable to take advantage of the manufacturer's specials, exploring deals offered by pianoshop retailers is the next best option. In some cases, retailers will have their own exclusive discounts, as well as promos and bundle deals that make the purchase even cheaper. Additionally, when looking around at different piano retailers, it is important to not only consider the cost of the piano, but also to factor in any additional costs such as shipping, taxes, and any other miscellaneous costs.

Finally, for those who are buying a Howard piano from a private seller, it is important to renegotiate the price of the instrument. Many times, a used or vintage Howard piano may simply need basic repairs and tuning before it is ready for use, so if the private seller is open to it, a lower price can be asked for. Additionally, by scheduling regular maintenance and appraisal of the instrument, the buyer can ensure that the purchase will stay in great condition for years to come.

To summarize, it is possible to save money when purchasing a Howard piano. Whether you are looking for a special deal from the manufacturer, shopping around at different retailers, or bargaining with a private seller, it is possible to take advantage of some discounts and find a more affordable purchase option. Ultimately, understanding these options and

Are there any used Howard pianos available?

Are there any used Howard pianos available? This is a question that many pianists have been asking since the closure of the Howard Piano Company in 1927. Unfortunately, there are very few Howard pianos in existence today, having been replaced in quality, production, and demand by some of the more well-known, sought-after and popular brands such as Steinway and Bechstein. As a result, used Howard pianos are exceedingly rare, making them very sought after by discerning pianists.

Finding a used Howard piano can prove very difficult, but potential buyers should not become discouraged. Because of the rarity of these pianos and the high cost, many pianists often pass up the opportunity to purchase a used Howard. Despite the fact that when they were being produced in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s, Howard pianos were considered among the finest in the world, and remain highly sought after.

One option for those searching for a used Howard piano is to look for one on an auction site such as eBay. Here, buyers can find pianos in various states of condition, ranging from entirely restored to parts only. If a used Howard piano is found in an auction it is important to note that the cost can be extremely high, however for those serious about owning a Howard it may be worth the investment. Another option is to look for a piano restoration specialist who may have one, or may be able to locate one for sale. The cost associated with purchased a restored piano is typically much lower when compared to starting from scratch.

Lastly, some antique financial institutions, such as banks, may have a used Howard lasting long in their vaults. Such pianos are often rare finds, so it is important to approach such institutions with caution and be careful of any damage or renovation they have undergone over time. Overall, finding a used Howard piano can be extremely difficult, but with a bit of knowledge and patience a buyer can locate one.

The process of achieving an excellent sounding piano can take time and effort, but it can be exciting as well. Whether it is to take pride in ownership of a piece of history, or to found the perfect instrument for a performance, buying a used Howard piano can be an exciting journey for any pianist.

Are there any special features that increase the value of a Howard piano?

Pianos have been a staple of music culture since their invention centuries ago, and while they may seem like a simple instrument, they have developed into highly complex works of art. One of the most iconic brands in the piano world is Howard Piano, a brand that has been producing instruments since the 1800s. Over the years, Howard has been renowned for producing instruments of the highest quality, and this is one of the main reasons they have remained a leader in the industry. While their basic pianos showcase their outstanding craftsmanship and engineering, they also offer specialized models that highlight an even higher level of detail and quality. These special features help elevate Howard pianos from the rest of the pack, as they offer something beyond what other brands offer that enhances the value and appeal of each instrument.

One of the most impressive and unique features of a Howard piano is its patented “floating” soundboards. This design allows the strings to vibrate longer, creating a fuller and richer tone. This, combined with a precisely tuned frame and resonants, helps create a clear and precise sound, unlike many other pianos. As well as providing an exquisite sound, these features also contribute to a longer lifespan as they resist damage, rust, and warping better than traditional materials. Overall, it makes a Howard piano a great long-term investment as it will remain in excellent condition after years of use.

Another great special feature that helps elevate Howard pianos is their highly advanced action design. The action not only helps to make the feel of playing a Howard piano incredibly comfortable and smooth, but also helps to quickly respond to every nuance of the player’s touch. The combination of all these factors helps to produce an exceptional response level, allowing players to get the most out of their playing experience. Furthermore, Howard pianos feature a special “gap-less” design, making sure that notes can be precisely controlled and respond accurately to the touch. This impressive action design is one of the main reasons why Howard pianos remain a top choice among acoustic piano players who want the best in terms of control and accuracy.

Finally, Howard pianos are known for their exquisitely crafted exteriors. Whether you opt for the traditional polished ebony, mahogany, and walnut finishes, or the more modern white- and black-lacquered finish, every piano showcases a level of craftsmanship worthy of being center pieces in any room.

Are there any warranties available for Howard pianos?

When it comes to buying a piano, many people are worried about their investment and whether or not it’s worthwhile. Buying a quality piano can be a challenging decision process and with so many different brands and models on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. Many people opt for the reliability and history behind Howard pianos; because of their quality and craftsmanship, it's no wonder why many people want to invest in a Howard piano. But are there any warranties available for Howard pianos?

Tackling this question can be difficult as there are several common warranty issues to consider with any piano. All piano brands come with varying levels of warranties, so it’s important to research each brand thoroughly before committing to a purchase. Generally speaking, Howard pianos do come with warranties. However, the length and type of warranty varies depending on the specific model.

For example, the Howard J-Series Console Pianos come with a three-year parts and labor warranty. This warranty covers about any kind of mechanical issue that could arise during the first three years of ownership. This includes adjustments, tuning, and regular maintenance. It also covers any factory-installed parts that malfunction within the warranty period.

In the United States, you can also take advantage of further warranties from authorized Howard dealers. These warranties are only available when a piano is purchased from an authorized dealer, and typically last two to three years. The exact length of warranty depends on the dealer, but generally covers any mechanical or electrical issues that arise during this period.

These warranties are ideal for someone who is looking for additional protection in their purchase. Of course, these deals do come at an extra cost. On the other hand, warranties can offer peace of mind to those buyers who are already investing a significant amount in the purchase of the piano.

The types of warranty offered by Howard can also be extended if the buyer requests it. For instance, you can find extended warranties that cover your piano for up to seven years with certain models. The cost of these warranties vary and can range from a few hundred dollars up to several thousand. It all depends on the complexity of the materials, labor, and parts that are going to be covered.

When it comes to buying a Howard piano, there are plenty of warranties available that offer protection for a range of different issues. Knowing what warranties your specific model offers is

Are there any financing options available for Howard pianos?

In recent years, more and more pianists of all ages have been in the market for a high-quality piano. One popular brand of such instruments is the Howard piano. This company is well known for its craftsmanship and expert engineering.

While a Howard piano can be a great addition to any home or professional musician, they can be quite an expensive investment. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ready cash or resources to purchase a top-of-the-line piano. Fortunately, there are several financing options available when it comes to Howard pianos that make purchasing one of these fine instruments a more achievable goal for those on a budget.

The first financing option for Howard pianos is through a loan. This can be done through either a major bank or a smaller local lender. This type of financing lets you spread out the payments over a set period of time, thereby making the cost more manageable and allowing you to enjoy your new piano sooner. However, you will likely have to provide a down payment and will have to pay interest fees.

Another option is to take out a personal loan. This can be a more attractive option for those looking for a more flexible financing solution as payments are usually based on your income. Since this is not a secured loan, it often comes with looser requirements. This can make it easier for those with a credit score not suitable for a regular loan to be able to finance a Howard piano.

You may also find that the seller of a Howard piano may offer financing options of their own. Most large piano retailers will partner with different lenders to provide their customers with attractive financing options. Many Howard piano retailers offer no-interest financing plans or layaway plans, both of which can be great ways to get a Howard piano while paying over time.

Finally, if you want to avoid taking on any type of loan, you may be able to pay for your piano in installments. This type of financing will typically involve paying in regular monthly amounts and using a credit card to make the payments. This can help those who have the resources to pay for the piano but not the large sum of money needed up front.

In conclusion, there are a number of different financing options available for Howard pianos. Whether you choose to take out a loan, use a layaway plan, or pay in installments, there is likely to be an option that fits best for your budget and will help you get the piano of your dreams

Are there any online resources to help determine the value of a Howard piano?

Howard pianos are renowned for their superior quality and expert craftsmanship, making them one of the most sought-after pianos on the market. As such, the value of a Howard piano can vary depending on its condition, age, provenance and any other factors that may affect the market value. Knowing the value of a piano is important for any potential buyers and sellers of this piece of musical equipment. Fortunately, there are a number of online resources that can help determine the value of a Howard piano.

One source that is beneficial in assessing the value of a Howard piano is the Piano Bluebook. This site contains a comprehensive list of cataloged pianos, including Howard pianos, and provides information such as the manufacturer, serial number, age, condition, and estimated value. The site also offers a helpful guide to assist in the process of determining a piano's value. The Piano Bluebook is a great resource for buyers and sellers alike to access current market value of a Howard piano. It is important to note that the values listed on the website are only estimates and should be used as a reference point to compare similar offerings in the marketplace.

Additionally, there are a number of appraisal services that specialize in Howard pianos. These services employ experienced professionals who can assess the make and model of the piano, its condition, and its market value. The appraiser considers all aspects of the piano, such as age, condition, and provenance, in order to provide an accurate appraisal. Appraisers may charge for their services, so it is important to do research and compare prices to find the best value.

Other online resources that can be useful when determining the value of a Howard piano include eBay and other similar websites. These sites typically feature listings for used Howard pianos and buyers can often find competitively-priced instruments in good condition. It is also essential to check out online forums and other resources to stay up to date on the latest market trends and prices of Howard pianos.

Ultimately, there are a number of online resources that can be used to help determine the value of a Howard piano. Examining the Piano Bluebook and taking advantage of appraisal services are two great ways to get a good estimation of the piano’s worth. Additionally, doing research on eBay and other comparable websites may provide useful information concerning the current market value of a Howard piano. With careful review and consideration of these online resources, buyers and sellers of Howard pian

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Howard pianos good quality?

Yes, Howard pianos are of very good quality. They typically have a better sound quality than other budget- friendly brands, and are very durable.

How much is a Baldwin grand piano worth?

A mid-size grand bearing the Baldwin name sells for about $20,000 to $35,000 depending on the model, whereas a second line piano such as a Howard, built offshore for Baldwin, would sell for less than half of that. The Howard should probably be compared to other pianos in that price range, such as Young Chang and others.

Who is Howard Piano Company of Cincinnati?

Howard Piano Company was a part of the famous Baldwin Piano & Organ Company. The Howard Piano Company was established in 1895, and was sold by “The House of Baldwin” as a more affordable alternative to the costlier Baldwin brand instruments.

When was the Howard baby grand piano built?

Built between 1933 and 1936.

Are Howard pianos worth the money?

That depends on the condition and make of the piano, as well as your needs. Generally speaking, however, many Howard pianos are worth repairing or restoring if they are in poor condition.

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