How Much Are Box Fans at Walmart?

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If you’ve been searching for a great deal on fans, Walmart is one of the most trusted places to shop. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of box fans available at Walmart and their accompanying prices.

When it comes to box fans, Walmart offers a good variety of styles and sizes at incredibly affordable prices. When shopping for a fan, you’ll likely start with the essential 8-10 inch fan. These are suitable for small bedrooms or other limited spaces and range from $14 to $20 depending on the brand. For slightly larger rooms or those with more air circulation needs, you can opt for 12-14 inch fans. Prices for these models range from $17-$25.

In addition to these general sizes of fans, there are more unique shapes available as well. Curved blade designs provide stronger airflow and are usually in the same price range as standard sizes. There are also 14-16 inch oscillating designs which may cost up to $45 although rarely over that depending on features such as programmable timer settings or remote controls.

Finally, if you're looking for an economical option consider a “whole room” fan which is designed to cool down much larger spaces than others while using less energy in the process. These models typically come in 18” widths and generally cost around $50-$65 depending on the exact model and features included.

So to answer the question ‘How much are box fans at Walmart?” The answer largely depends on size, shape, features and brand but most can be found with prices starting around $14 up through about $65. Whichever option fits your needs best will likely be available at a great deal through Walmart.

What is the price of a box fan at Walmart?

At Walmart, the price of a box fan can range from as low as $14.97 for an 8” Basic Home Metal Comfort Zone Box Fan to as high as $33.99 for a 13” Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer. In between those two models in terms of price and features, you will find a variety of different box fans sold by Walmart ranging from small plastic fans with adjustable tilt features to stylish black and chrome designs with remote control convenience. Whether you are looking for a powerful fan to keep you comfortable during the summer heat or just need some extra cooling during milder times, Walmart has the perfect fan for your needs at the right price.

Some more advanced models include the Lasko 18” Box Fan with Electronic Display which offers 3 speed settings and an electronic timer, ideal for controlling your environment; or the Honeywell Turbo Force Room Air Circulator, which provides full-room circulator cooling and has an adjustable fan with turbo power capacity. Both these fans cost $29.99 each at Walmart and provide maximum convenience for those who need extra cooling comfort when temperatures rise indoors and outdoors.

Shopping online is always an option when it comes to purchasing a box fan from Walmart. Currently, their website offers something for everyone - from simple 8in or 10in fans priced around $15 to complex turbo force models reaching up to $50 - all of them delivered straight to your doorstep. Take advantage of regular promotions like buy one get one free deals, discounts on specific items or free shipping on larger orders and get exactly what you need while saving money at the same time!

How much does a box fan cost at Walmart?

When it comes to shopping for fans, Walmart is one of the best places to turn. With a range of prices and quality, you can easily find a fan to suit your needs. Walmart's box fans range in size and price depending on the model. For a basic box fan, shoppers can expect to pay around $10-20 USD for a small model. Larger models typically range from $20-30 USD.

For those looking for more features at a slightly higher price point, Walmart offers some great selections in their “Premier” line of box fans. These produce more power compared to basic models, with blades usually measuring 20 inches or more. They are also designed to offer high speed movement as well as adjustable settings and noise reduction features. You can expect to pay from $30-45 USD for these models, depending on the specific features included.

Finally, anyone looking for something even quieter or a more energy efficient design can purchase remote-controlled or smart box fans that offer special advances like timers and sleep mode functions. These will typically cost more than basic and Premier models at around $$45-60 USD per unit. So when heading out to buy your fan at Walmart, you can use this information as your guide - ranging from basic fans starting at $10-20 USD up to smart designs costing near 60 USD.

How much does a box fan from Walmart cost?

If you need to get some air flowing in your home or office quickly, a box fan is a great way to do this. Walmart has a wide selection of box fans at affordable prices, so you’re sure to find one that fits your budget. Prices vary by size and features, but common sizes range from 10-20 inches and many can be purchased for well under $30.

The 12 inch fan designed by the Comfort Zone brand is equipped with a three speed motor, making it ideal for personal preferences in air flow intensity. Not only does it have a low energy consumption rate of 50W but produces a surprisingly good amount of air flow for its size. This great model can be purchased for just $14.88 making it perfect for those on a budget or who need an economical solution for unusual weather conditions like extreme heat or cold.

For larger spaces and bigger needs, the 20 inch Keystone High Velocity Box Fan delivers excellent air movement from its powerful 95W motor with three speeds. It has been designed with an aerodynamic design that maximizes the volume of air moved while creating less noise than other fans of comparable size and power. It has a stylish look and comes in blue, gray or black colors. You can get this fan from Walmart at an affordable price of around $29.98!

In conclusion, Walmart offers a range of reasonably priced box fans to fit almost any budget and needs, depending on the size and features you need. Whether you’re looking for something small, large or powerful - Walmart has all sorts of options to keep your space cool at an affordable price!

What is the cost of a box fan at Walmart?

If you’re in the market for a basic box fan to cool off your home, Walmart is a great one-stop-shop for all your needs. Prices on fans vary depending on the size and brand, but Walmart carries many of today’s top fan styles at great prices.

The most popular box fan models range in price at Walmart from as low as $10 up to around $25. High velocity fans offer more airflow per minute than standard box fans, which also means a higher price tag. You can usually find these for anywhere from $25-$50 depending on the size. For someone simply looking for a reasonably priced fan to cool down their space without excessive noise, a basic box fan from Walmart should do the trick.

Walmart does have sales throughout the year on fans, so be sure to check out your local store or website for special deals before you make your purchase. They often have discounted prices during their summer clearance and end of season sales; you may even qualify for discounts when purchasing more than one item from the same product group. Whether indoors or outdoors, no matter what style or size of fan you choose, Walmart offers plenty of options at economical prices!

What is the price range of box fans at Walmart?

Box fans, also referred to as window fans, are a great way to bring cooling breeze into a warm room on those hot summer days. Walmart offers a wide selection of quality box fans to suit any budget.

The price range for box fans at Walmart can vary greatly depending on the style and size you choose. Smaller 2-4 inch basic box fans usually start around $20, but if you're in need of additional power and features the cost could climb up to $70 or more. Features such as the amount of noise the fan makes, oscillation capabilities and portability can all impact the cost.

Larger floor models with 20 inches or more have even higher prices in the range of $90-$125. These high-end models often feature multiple speeds, oscillating louvers and sturdy construction. If you really need to stay cool these larger models offer powerful air circulation and features like timers – i.e.: turn off after 30 minutes – all at an affordable price that won't break the bank.

Wherever your budget may fall Walmart has got you covered with a range of quality box fans that offer great value for your money! Whether you're searching for a small, inexpensive model or high-end fan with lots of bells and whistles there is sure to be one at Walmart within your desired price range!

Are there any specials or deals on box fans at Walmart?

Box fans are an affordable home comfort solution and many stores, including Walmart, offer them at great prices. When it comes to deals and specials on box fans from Walmart, shoppers should start their search online! Walmart often has exclusive discounts only available on their website so consumers can find great bargains if they know where to look.

Beginning with the Walmart homepage, shoppers can scroll down until they find a “Special Buys” section. Here, all of the current specials, deals and discounts are visible with the click of a mouse! Consumers should also be sure to check out the weekly ads page for any additional savings or discounts on select items.

When shopping for a box fan at Walmart, it pays to keep an eye out for seasonal sales – such as back to school shoppers providing great deals on several varieties of fans. Also, be sure to check store flyers or online coupons as these often mark down particular models of fans or offer discounts that make them a steal. Additionally, don’t forget to check out the clearance sections! Items may have been marked down further than what is advertised online or in print ads so it’s always wise to scout around.

So if you’re looking for a new box fan at an unbeatable price – look no further than Walmart! With a little research and diligent shopping you’ll be able to find some truly hard-to-beat offers that won’t break the bank.

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