How Long Do No Contact Orders Typically Last?

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Posted Nov 25, 2022

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No contact orders are typically issued by a judge in domestic violence cases. The order will usually last for the duration of the criminal case against the abuser. If the abuser is convicted, the no contact order will usually be extended for a set period of time, often for the duration of the sentence. In some cases, the no contact order may be made permanent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after a no contact order is filed?

The court will specify the details, like how many feet or yards away the individuals must stay from one another. The defendant cannot see the petitioner at work, school, and home and must cease all communication with the victim.

How do I get a temporary no contact order?

In most states, you must petition the court for an emergency hearing. The hearing is to hear the reasons behind your request, and the court usually grants a temporary no-contact order.

How do I file a motion against a no contact order?

To file a motion against a no contact order, you must first take your forms and copies to the appropriate clerk. When you file your motion, you'll have to pay a filing fee – typically around a hundred dollars.

Can a no-contact order be violated by one person?

Yes, a no-contact order can be violated by one person. This is especially common if the order is not reciprocal, meaning only one party is allowed to contact the other.

What happens when you go to court for no contact?

You attend a hearing in which the court determines whether or not there is an order in place. If so, the court may issue any orders that are necessary to protect the parties and their children.

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