Does Subaru Crosstrek Have Blind Spot Monitoring?

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Posted Nov 16, 2022

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A Subaru Crosstrek comes standard with Blind Spot Detection with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert. This advanced safety feature uses sensors to monitor your vehicle's blind spots and warns you if someone is in them. If a car is approaching from the side while you're reversing, the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert system will warn you so you can avoid a collision.

What is blind spot monitoring?

A blind spot is an area around a vehicle that can’t be seen by the driver when looking forward or through the side mirrors. These blind spots can vary in size depending on the vehicle, but they’re usually large enough to hide another car, motorcycle, or pedestrian.

Blind spot monitoring (BSM) systems use sensors to detect when there’s something in a vehicle’s blind spot and then warn the driver. The warning can be in the form of a light on the mirror, a sound, or both. Some systems will also apply the brakes if the driver doesn’t respond to the warning and appears to be about to turn into the path of oncoming traffic.

BSM systems can be an important safety feature, especially on larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs. They can help prevent accidents by giving drivers a heads-up about potential hazards in their blind spots.

BSM systems aren’t perfect, however. They can give false warnings if there’s something in the blind spot that isn’t really a hazard, like a parked car. And, of course, they can’t prevent accidents if the driver doesn’t pay attention to the warnings.

So, while BSM systems can be helpful, they’re not a substitute for safe driving. Drivers still need to be aware of their blind spots and check them before changing lanes or making turns.

What are the benefits of having blind spot monitoring in a vehicle?

Blind spot monitoring is an important safety feature in any vehicle. It helps drivers detect when another vehicle is in their blind spot, and alerts them to take action to avoid a collision.

There are many benefits of blind spot monitoring. It can help prevent accidents, and can also help reduce the severity of accidents that do occur. It can also help drivers stay aware of their surroundings and be more cautious when changing lanes.

Blind spot monitoring can be especially beneficial on busy highways and in areas with a lot of traffic. It can also be helpful when driving in adverse weather conditions, when visibility is reduced.

Overall, blind spot monitoring is a valuable safety feature that can help drivers avoid accidents and stay safe on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do blind-spot monitoring systems work?

A blind-spot monitoring system monitors the area around the vehicle that is not currently visible to the driver. When an approaching vehicle is detected, the system alerts the driver and can display visual or audible warnings on the dashboard.

How far can the blind spot monitor detect a Volkswagen?

The blind spot monitor system of the Volkswagen can detect vehicles up to a distance of 70 meters. However, this system can malfunction sometimes.

Do blind spot monitoring systems work with trailers?

Yes, blind spot monitoring systems work with trailers. The system detects cars next to your trailer and warns you if there is an obstacle in your trailer's path.

Should you turn off Blind Spot Monitoring when driving?

We recommend leaving Blind Spot Monitoring on in normal driving conditions. However, if you want to disable the system temporarily or adjust the sensitivity, that’s okay too.

How do blind spot warning systems work?

A blind spot warning system uses ultrasonic sensors located on the car's flanks to detect when a car is in your blind-spots. Most BLIS implementations will warn by illuminating a notification light on or near the side mirror on the appropriate side of the vehicle.

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